Friday, September 20, 2013

Applique Medallion is Progressing!

Yesterday was a good day...
First, the applique medallion design is really progressing well. The actual design is completed and all the pattern pieces are done. The pattern pages that have the layout and pattern pieces...and the full size design are done. Next, the instruction on how to applique "my way" have to be written and photos taken of that process. And, then...the pattern needs to be tested. So, still a lot to do...but, it's coming along!
Second, look at this cherub! Any day is a good day when you have this to entertain and delight you!
Third, my friends and family are helping me out with donations for a new sewing machine. My main machine died...and the sturdy backup stopped working too! I'm down to a little class model to handle some pretty big jobs....and no way to finance a machine other than with help from my family and friends. I thought it would cost a heap of money, but yesterday a good friend contacted me. A top of the line Brother embroidery/sewing machine was available...and at half the cost! What a great opportunity. Now, I may never have the funds to get such a good machine...and if not, that's okay...I'm trusting that God's hand is with me on this and however it just fine with me. But, I also know that as a child of his...I'm expecting big things! It's just such a blessing to know that my family and friends (and cyber friends) know how much sewing means to me and are willing to help. So, you see...I've already got such a huge doesn't matter what sewing machine I wind up with!
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