Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Yes, sometimes we all need a little help,,,

and today, i'm not to proud to say that I do.
If you really know me, or have followed my blog for very long...then hopefully you also know that I'm not someone who asks for help very often. I'm a very capable person, and I love sharing of my time, my skills, and pretty much anything that I own.
Well, long story main sewing/embroidery machine has died...and my 30-year old second machine backup limped along until yesterday. Now, I've drug out my little portable Janome Gem from under the bed and am working with it. After a long look at my prospects last night, I've come to realize that there is no way for me to afford another really good sewing/embroidery machine.
Well, I could save for it...that's true...but, it would take be about three years with what I'm bringing in. So, I'm trying to raise money to purchase the machine. I have opened up a donation site page, and if you have the desire to "pay it forward" and consider a tiny donation to a grandma that really needs a good sewing machine (and I promise to use it all the time!) than please consider my humble cause. Here is my page.
And, for those of you that find this "offensive", well I'm honestly glad that you have never found yourself in a place where a helping hand from others was needed...and I hope you never do. It is not a happy place to be in...but, I also know that friends come together and can do wonderful things.
Sending hugs to all of you today!
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