Sunday, September 2, 2018

Slight Adjustment and Change in Direction (Righting the Ship?)

In the next few days/weeks I'll be making some changes to my blog.

The first major change is that I'm no longer going to announce classes from this blog. Instead, I've created a totally new blog just dedicated to the classes...this will free up my "personal" blog for me to post my on activities. I think that over the last few months, it has been too easy to let it get blogged down by only class announcement.

My goal is to try and separate the two activities a bit, the link at the top about classes now only takes readers to the new blog site. I hope you take the time to go there and check out the new site...and read over the 2019 Calendar ...yep, I have jumped ahead and NOT waited until December as in the past years. So, check out the dates for next years courses...and mark your calendar! (Hint: there are also a couple of new courses...and the BCQC-1 is being re-vamped too!)

I'll be redoing my heading as well...and maybe going to a more seasonal I've fallen in love with the free border patterns Pam Kellogg provides as free HTML designs on her blog, Kitty and Me Designs.

We only have three more courses in 2018 (BCQC-1 & 2, ICQC-104) then the course registration stops until next year. So, if you need the pre-requisite course (BCQC-1) is a good idea to do that this month (registration is 15-17th).

Also, this year I'm planning more regional activities for next year. I'm booked at a couple of Guilds to lecture/teach in the Spring...and just announced the First Annual CQ Retreat here in Alabama, happening in February.

My first book with C&T Publications should be out soon (hoping before Christmas, but we shall see)...and my second book has just been approved for submission. So, you know what I'll be busy with the remainder of this year!

Also, I'm reviving my own personal stitching love of all things cross-stitch by participating in Pam Kellogg's "Stitch A Long Band Sampler"...with two of my close friends. We meet every Tuesday to stitch, and it really helps me to "de-stress". Doing something creative that is not crazy quilting is also restful for my brain...along with the occasional book that I read.

Lastly, I'm going to try and re-connect with the beautiful work of Jenny at Elefantz by stitching with her as she posts about Alphabet Pin Cushion challenge with downloadable free patterns. Hoping to keep up since these are small.

Whatever I get accomplished in my personal stitching journey...will be posted right, stay tuned!

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