Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Free Online Classes in 2021

 My free online classes will continue in 2021, but I have not decided on a calendar yet.

One problem I'm having is that YAHOO has decided to discontinue their support of "files" on their group sites...which means all of the older and Retired Classes that were positioned there for free downloads are now not accessible to anyone.

So, if I want you to be able to get to any of this will have to be offered again here as an ongoing class.

Which of course means my calendar just got a LOT fuller for next year! I'm mulling all of this over as the new grand-baby (6 mos old now) and my semi-permanent house guests are just taking a lot of my time which cuts into my writing of new lessons and monitoring of existing classes.

So, keep your fingers crossed for me that the kids get into a home of their own before the year is out...and that I can find time to create new classes for you too!

But, at the very least...wanted to answer the questions about the calendar of courses for next year...YES we will still have them...not sure when or how many...but plan on checking back before year end to see the calendar when it does go up.

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