Sunday, December 20, 2020

Calendar for 2021 Classes is Posted

 We'll have some new courses and some "re-vamped" courses next year...along with a few staples too.

I'm combining some of the intermediate courses to create new courses that have more tasks...but will be easier for me to track. Also am going to "allow" folks to work more than one course at a time AFTER finishing the only mandatory course (BCQC-101). So, if you want to do several technique courses...over-lapping...that will be fine.

The courses are listed as Primary, Intermediate, and Advanced. While they do get more complex as you work up through these levels...all are still at a skill level attainable by 95% of folks attempting them.

Supplies are still up to each student...and while substitutions are okay, the Intermediate and Advanced courses might not result in as "nice" of a product if you have to substitute too many items for those on hand in your stash.

Hope you check out the Class Descriptions and Calendar information under the "Classes" Tab above.


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