Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Classes Open For Registration 5-7 January 2021

 Today, these two classes are both open for registration: 


Basic Crazy Quilting Course (BCQC) - This is a required class of everyone. It is the first class to take if you are now visiting my blog.


Beyond the Basics - This is an optional class and the first in the intermediate level course series.

Both classes require the same registration information:

Send this information to me at shawklclasses@yahoo.com

1) Your First/Last Name

2) Location (State/Country) (I don't need your mail address...just state/country)

3) Your Email (This is where I'll be sending the course handouts/tasks to)

4) Please put your course name in the Email Subject (either BCQC or Beyond the Basics). This will help me to ensure your email is seen amongst all of the daily crap that is received. Thanks!

5) For those of you having taken courses in the past...please note that the above email is NEW, and add it to your contact list. Thank You.


Registration is open on on 5, 6, and 7 January (Central Standard Time). No late registrations will be accepted.

Classes are free, no fees or special purchases are necessary. These classes do require a printer so you can get the patterns/instructions; therefore I do recommend you not use your "iphone" email address but rather a Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, etc email to have your information forwarded to you.

You can find additional information about these courses HERE.

Looking forward to having you in one of these classes!

Edited to Add: The Beyond the Basics will also open again on 15-17 January for a second class this month.

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