Saturday, September 4, 2021

Open Registration - Styles of Crazy Quilting - 5-7 Sep 2021

  NOTICE: If you have completed the Basic Crazy Quilt Course (BCQC-101) in the past...then, you are eligible to register for this course. It would be helpful to you to also have finished the BCQC-102 and Beyond the Basics Courses...but they are not mandatory requirements.

Styles of Crazy Quilting (Intermediate level)

   Open for Registration 5-7 Sep 2021

Course Synopsis:

Modern crazy quilting differs from the type of embellishing our great-great-grandmothers did because we have an extensive range of supplies that did not exist in her era. Over time, the Victorian Style of embellishing crazy quilts has given way to inclusion of more dimensional adornments. This course identifies the various styles of embellishing and then concentrates on two most common of these: Victorian and Shabby Chic. The projects for the course will be a cotton Shabby Chic Style purse and a silk Vintage Style crazy quilt block.

(Note: This class is re-designed from portions of the prior ICQC-107 & ICQC-108 courses)

How to Register for the Course:

Send this information to me at

1) Your First/Last Name

2) Location (State/Country) (I don't need your mail address...just state/country)

3) Your Email (This is where I'll be sending the course handouts/tasks to)

4) Please put the course name in the Email Subject (Styles Course). This will help me to ensure your email is seen amongst all of the daily crap that is received in my inbox. Thanks!

5) For those of you having taken courses in the past...please note that the above email address for courses/classes is NEW; so add it to your contact list. Thank You.


Registration is open only on 5, 6, and 7 Sep (Central Standard Time). No late registrations will be accepted.

Classes are free, no fees or special purchases are necessary. These classes do require a laptop & printer so you can get the patterns/instructions downloaded and printed easily. Therefore I do recommend you register if these are not readily available to you. 

FYI: I do not own an "iphone" nor print using a can provide zero "technical support" to you if you choose to register using these instruments.

All of my courses are taught via Blogspot (each is a unique private blog for posting photos of your finished homework). So, experience in "blogging" is helpful...but I can walk you though the minimal instructions needed for the course, even if you have never "blogged" before. Just be prepared to be patient...and have a few back/forth emails until we work things out.

You can find additional information about all of my free courses HERE.

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