2021 Course Calendar


Check the blog on the posted dates below for instructions on "how" to register for the individual courses. BCQC-101 is a mandatory course for everyone...so you must take it first before registering for any of the other courses. Early and Late registrations will not be taken...so mark those calendars!


(BCQC-101) Basic Crazy Quilt Course

5th-7th (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Aug, Sep)

(BCQC-102) Basic Crazy Quilt Course

5th-7th (Mar, Jul, Oct)


Beyond the Basics

5th-7th (Jan)

15th-17th (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep)

Dimensional Motifs

15th-17th (Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug)

Over-Stitching Ribbon Motifs

15th-17th (Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct)

Styles of Crazy Quilting

5th-7th (Mar, May, Jul, Sep)

Artistic Gardens

5th-7th (Feb, Jun, Aug)



15th-17th (May, Jul, Sep)

Dimensional Surface Beading

15th-17th (Jun, Aug)

Thread Painting & Knots

15-17th (Jul, Sep)


All courses will remain free of charge. 

All courses are self-paced.

All courses will be hosted on private blog sites, and use of a computer/printer is required.

After completion of BCQC-101, you can be working on multiple courses at once.

You will need to provide your own supplies. 

1 comment:

Mylorian said...

Hi Kathy
I'm really glad you are still running courses and I will endeavour to get on course 101. I am entirely new to this and just wanting to learn how to embellish clothing, which means whatever I do needs to be able to be washable. I am embellishing my current playcloth with all sorts of ideas.

In my late 60s, having sat behind a computer for 30 years running my own successful business as a writer and editor for government, it is a real joy to free myself and be able to devote time to other forms of creativity and playing in a sandpit I have longer for.

Thank you!