2017 Open Registration Dates

 Classes are open for registration on "specific" windows in time. Early/late registrations are not accepted...so please mark your calendar to remind you of these time-frames. Also, dates for "new courses" can change...so keep a watch for blog posts if this happens. Thanks! :)

Each individual course is offered more than once a year...but not during the year-end holidays. If you miss a course this year...there will be a new schedule for 2017 posted towards the end of the year.

The BCQC Course is a requirement for the ICQC Courses. The BCQC-1 course is the one I've been offering for a couple of years now...and covers all of the basics of creating a block. It is a "required course".

The BCQC-2 course is a new offering, but is optional. It builds on the techniques taught in the BCQC-1 but also teaches color theory and the use of color. The reason for the second course is that even after finishing the BCQC-1 some folks are still a wee bit "uneasy" about their crazy quilt work...so the second course (design) will give them more practice and introduce them to the rules of using color when piecing blocks.

The ICQC Courses for this year will include the ICQC-103 and ICQC-104 modules, as offered last year. You will need to complete the BCQC and ICQC-103 to be able to register for the ICQC-104 module. The ICQC-102 and ICQC-107 modules are now retired because their content is included in my Crazy Quilting Volume I and II books.

The ICQC-105 is a new offering. It will be totally about silk ribbon embroidery and a variety of different motifs to work up. The designs are printable directly to fabric; so no tracing needed.

The TQC-101 Course will be the only traditional piecing course offered this year.

Classes that require they be taken "in order" means that the instructions are progressive, one module leading into the next module...so they can't be done out of order. The BCQC is the preliminary requirement for the intermediate crazy quilt courses because it contains the basic instructions on how the CQ courses will be conducted and where the primary handouts for reference material is provided (it is not an indication of "skill level"; so advanced as well as novice stitchers both begin with this course).

All classes are FREE of charge, but supplies will be needed of course. I do not sale kits or supplies...and encourage you to use what is in your existing stash for most items. I also provide information on CQ Suppliers that have given the class participants a discount...in the BCQC Module. All of my classes are ON-LINE courses...which will require a printer and accessibility to the individual class blog site (by invitation from me).


BCQC - Basic Crazy Quilting Courses:

10-12 August (BCQC-1)
14-16 September (BCQC-2) 
26-28 October (BCQC-1)

ICQC - Intermediate Quilting Courses:

20-22 July (ICQC-105)
24-26 August (ICQC-103)
21-23 September (ICQC-104)
12-14 October (ICQC-105)

 TQC - Traditional Quilting Courses:

19-21 October (TQC-101)

 NOTE: The dates show are the OPEN REGISTRATION periods, the actual length of each course is different...but lasts about 4-8 weeks each.

LAST EDIT of THIS Schedule was on 14 July 2017




Luann Fischer said...

Take care of your shoulder. I hope to be in the signing up group in June. I've checked over supplies list and feel I will be ready to go.
Perhaps I will get a few other projects completed while I look forward to your class.

DH said...

Hi Kathy, Just want to say thank you for putting the last edit date on this page. It makes it so much easier for me to see immediately if I have the most current information. It's a big help! Thanks so much, Dawn

June said...

Hope to be in your Basic class in August. I'm getting everything I can on the basic class list together. This will be a new adventure for me. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Nancy Taber said...

So excited for 104 to begin. I have learned so much from your classes. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and interest in helping new quilters

Nancy Taber said...

So excited for 104 to begin. I have learned so much from your classes. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and interest in helping new quilters

Bren said...

So looking forward to the 104 course. Thank you for offering this.

DH said...

Yay!! New classes! I am excited for these new classes. Thanks Kathy! Dawn

Beth Meckler said...

I was so excited that the window for BCQ was opening later this week. Then I noticed it was for -2 and I haven't yet taken -1. So I moved the calendar reminder to October to take the -1. Now it will take forever for the end of October to get here. But I have time to finish a few other things hanging over my head so there will be an open playing field when I do start. Can't wait.
Beth M