Copyright Guidelines

All content of this blog (including photos, tutorials, text, and design work) are copyright © Kathy Shaw 2010, unless otherwise noted.
My intent is to share what I am working on, finished, and thinking of working on! I hope my journey inspires and teaches! To that desired end…you have the express approval to copy any photo, tutorial, blog post for your own personal reference. If you use any of these on your own blog or website or as teaching handouts; I do expect you to give me appropriate credit by including an active/click-able link to this blog source entry or a written credit that states (source information is from Thank you for respecting my creativity!!
You also are granted the express right to create similar items to those I’ve created here for gifts to friends and family. I hope they enjoy what you have made, and there is no charge for any pattern or template found here on my blog that inspires you to create your own item(s).
You do not have the right granted to make money from my ideas or tutorials without express written approval from myself. Even though the answer would most likely be yes, it is expected that you should ask permission before using my tutorials or templates…not forgiveness afterwards.
You do not have the right to reproduce any item from my blog for mass production purposes.
If you enjoy the blog…please share the link with other friends who might enjoy it to! Thanks for your continued support!