Free ON-LINE Quilt Courses

I offer a variety of free online courses:

Free Basic Crazy Quilt Courses are offered January through October. Each CQ Basic Course (BCQC) lasts a few weeks and is some finish faster than others. Check the Calendar for expected Open Registration Dates. The official registration will always be announced on so it is a good idea to "follow" the blog so you get each post that is published.

Open registration is announced for a specific OPEN window of time. You MUST follow the specific guidelines posted every time to get a seat in each specific class. Once the announced Open Window for registration has is CLOSED. I do not take early registrations or late registrations...just too busy to handle "options". So, please use the calendar to remind yourself to read the blog posts around that time period. (see 2017 Registration Dates link at the bottom of this post)

The "BASIC"  "title" has little or nothing to do with a participants "current" level of expertise. Rather, it simply indicates that this class covers the "basics" about crazy quilting. So, consider this as "crash course" in basic crazy quilt techniques and the foundation for understanding "how I teach", "how classes are conducted" and what expectations I have for participants.

AFTER the BCQC has been are then able to take the Intermediate Level Crazy Quilt Courses (ICQC). Beginning in 2017, I'm going to post the prior ICQC-101 and 102 information in form of there is no longer a "class" for these being offered. The ICQC-103 and 104 modules will continue to be offered and only require the prior BCQC be completed for registration purposes. These cover  More Seams, Embroidery Motifs, Complex Motifs, Monograms, and so much more!

There is a new course included this year, the ICQC-105 course will be all about Silk Ribbon Embroidery. You will need to have completed the BCQC to register for this course. It can be taken before you finish the ICQC-103 or ICQC-104 courses.

Lastly, theTraditional Quilt Course offered will be the same as for last year, and does not include Crazy Quilting...but is focused rather on the construction of a variety of traditional quilt blocks. These were selected specifically so that different piecing methods could be presented. This course is very much "linked" to crazy quilting because you can improve your piecing skills...and therefore improve your construction of basic crazy quilt blocks.

For more specific information check out these pages:

NOTE: So far, I've only scheduled the January through March registration dates...but will add the rest of the year as the first quarter draws to an end.


Pam said...

This is wonderful! I took a quick class at the local quilt shop and now I want to learn more. I am working on the class project and learning a few things. But this is awesome and I hope to get into your March class. Thank you for providing this!!

Sharon Martin said...

Love all the wonderful on-line classes you offer. I have learned so much and cannot wait to take more classes. Thank You Kathy.

Sharon M in NC

Can't Stop Stitchin said...

Hi Kathy ~
Just wanted to stop in and say 'hello'. Your daffodil photos last week were such an inspiration, that when our snow melted off the garden I quickly went out and dug up some bulbs and are growing them indoors before the next snowfall moves in to New England as it is only March and those storms can come in as late as mid April.

Have loved all your courses and learned so much from you. You are such a good teacher and your online courses have been a fantastic experience for me. One of the best motivators for me has been the way you share assignments, unlike a book that you purchase and you get all the information all at once and motivate yourself to do it, in your classes you not only get one assignment at a time, and upon completion, get the next one, you get to share the experiences of others in the class, see works others are doing in the class at the present time, and share in learning as students ask questions you may have yourself. So inspirational. This type of class set up has been perfect for me! Thank you so much for your investment in your students.
Happy Easter Kathy
mary fanslau