All of my courses really are free of charge. 

Links to the Course Calendar and a Description of each Course is at the end of this post.

Important Information:

Standard Marketing Info (sorry, have to do this):
1) You are required to purchase your own supplies; I do not provide these.

2) What I can offer you from my Etsy site are: Stitching Templates (which will save you loads of time in a couple of courses). These are not mandatory for purchase as I do show you how to "make your own" as part of the class information. those classes will include instructions for doing this). 

3)As an author, there are also several books available on and at 
While I do hope you enjoy your courses and want to purchase my books...they are not mandatory for taking these courses.


You DO need some basic computer skills as these are ONLINE courses. A computer/laptop and printer are needed rather than just a reader or phone.

Each class is hosted on a private blog (Blogger) just for that specific course or will be handled solely by emails from me (instructor) and you (student). You'll be given a link to the blog site after registration closes via email. You must be able post to this blog site and tablets/phones are not compatible with private they are with public blog sites. If you have issues with the site; I am prepared to email back/forth to help you out. What YOU miss in doing this however is being able to see the work of other folks in your course (which is not only inspirational, but helpful as you progress through the tasks in each course).

While it "may" be possible to view the private class blog from your tablet or phone...we have found it is extremely problematic if you are not very well versed in "tweaking" the devices (which I am not; so am no help at all honestly).

My advice is that after you do your "invite" email FROM YOUR LAPTOP/COMPUTER to activate it. Then, only use this device for class purposes. It will truly save you so many headaches...and me as well. It makes printing class homework so much easier as well.

You'll also be required to post a photo of completed work to the class blog. This will require you to be able to take a photo...and transfer that photo to your laptop/computer for posting to the private class blog. As already stated...PRIVATE blogs do not work the same as PUBLIC blogs. 

So, save yourself some aggravation and just use your computer/laptop for all interaction with the course. (Okay, I think I've beaten that point across enough...)

All registrations are OPEN for only 3 days each. You must, sign up (follow instructions for that specific course at ON the registration dates). Early or Late registrations will not be accepted.

Please click and read these pages for specific course information:

Description of Courses

Calendar of Course Registration Dates

How do I sign up for classes? This is my most asked comment...the answer is that you must WAIT until the open registration period...then come back to the blog for instructions on signing up for that specific class/course being announced. So check the calendar of Course Registration Dates...mark YOUR calendar (or put a reminder in your phone) and come back to the blog on these dates.


Pam McDonald said...

This is wonderful! I took a quick class at the local quilt shop and now I want to learn more. I am working on the class project and learning a few things. But this is awesome and I hope to get into your March class. Thank you for providing this!!

Unknown said...

Love all the wonderful on-line classes you offer. I have learned so much and cannot wait to take more classes. Thank You Kathy.

Sharon M in NC

Can't Stop Stitchin said...

Hi Kathy ~
Just wanted to stop in and say 'hello'. Your daffodil photos last week were such an inspiration, that when our snow melted off the garden I quickly went out and dug up some bulbs and are growing them indoors before the next snowfall moves in to New England as it is only March and those storms can come in as late as mid April.

Have loved all your courses and learned so much from you. You are such a good teacher and your online courses have been a fantastic experience for me. One of the best motivators for me has been the way you share assignments, unlike a book that you purchase and you get all the information all at once and motivate yourself to do it, in your classes you not only get one assignment at a time, and upon completion, get the next one, you get to share the experiences of others in the class, see works others are doing in the class at the present time, and share in learning as students ask questions you may have yourself. So inspirational. This type of class set up has been perfect for me! Thank you so much for your investment in your students.
Happy Easter Kathy
mary fanslau

Linda said...

I would like to enrol in the basic crazy quilt course but I can't find the registration. Is it open yet? Thanks

Esther J Moehrke said...

I would like to take your basic crazy quilt 1 class. Not sure how to register for it though.


Esther J Moehrke said...

I would love to take your BCQC-1. Can you please let me know how to register for the course?


SarahE said...

Kathy​, I cannot locate the link to register for BCQC1 and today's the 16th. I've been waiting for ages and REALLY want to do this!! TIA...

Linda Bushart said...

Hi Kathy!
Having trouble to find the right place to sign up for the beginning crazy quilt class . Help!
Thanks !

Tammy Miller said...

I cannot find the link to register for the class.

Nora said...

This is for Tammy Miller

Email Kathy

You first name
Your last name
country of residence
Your state of residence if in the USA
She will send you an email withninstruction. Oh tell her which class you are registering for.
Hope this helps

Kathy P. said...

I have just signed up for my third class and am having a great time. Crazy Quilting is so much fun! I am learning something new with each class. Thank you for sharing your artistry and skill.

Kathy Perry, Florida