All of my really...are free of charge.

You DO need some basic computer skills as these are ONLINE courses. A computer/laptop and printer are needed.

Each class is hosted on a private blog (Blogger) just for that specific course. You'll be given a link to the site after registration closes.

While it "may" be possible to view the class blog from your tablet or phone; it will not be possible to easily print the class homework which will be emailed to you from there. You'll also be required to post a photo of completed work to the class blog; and that is near impossible to do from a tablet/phone because of the "private" settings. It will not work the same as a public blog site.

So, save yourself some aggravation and just use your computer/laptop for all interaction with the course.

All registrations are OPEN for only 3 days each. You must, sign up (follow instructions for that specific course...on the registration dates) to register.

Please click and read these pages:

Description of Courses

Calendar of Course Registration Dates
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