Free Embroidery Designs

I love embroidery! Little hand-stitched designs add so much to a needle-art project. I'm not an expert stitcher, by any stretch of the imagination! Mostly, I love to do backstitch. So I tend to stitch more simple "line designs" that don't require a lot of fill in work! (Could be because I'm lazy too!....Sssshhhh, let's just say I'm crazy busy!)

So, here are links to designs that I have created. You can use them as you wish, just don't sell my patterns please. Sharing them for free is okay!

I also have other embroidery designs on the blog...that are not MY own designs...and you can find links to these under the TAG: embroidery in the side bar.

There are also a ton of embroidery monogram designs on the blog...just look for MONOGRAM in the side links to find them.

Hope you enjoy stitching these!

Large & Small Scissors Case
Mermaid One
Mermaid Two
Elf Lady Face
Little Birdie
Spiral Flower 1
Spiral Flower 2
Jacobean Border

Also, there is a new series...for 2013 of Silk Ribbon and Embroidery designs for circular pin cushions. Just search for PCD on the side bar (Pin Cushion Designs). These charts could also be used flat...for framing or making little pillows. Check out the Part 1 of the instructions for the symbol legend used in the's under the Tutorial tab...scroll down to Pin Cushion Designs to find it.