Sunday, April 14, 2019

NEW CLASS - Shabby Chic Purse Open for Registration

ICQC-107, Shabby Chic Purse is Open for Registration 15-17 April 2019

Purse, front view

You must have finished the BCQC-101 Course to registration for this class (present students need to be at least on Task #10 of BCQC).

Purse, Back View

This class will be done similar to all others, in that we will begin after registration the class on a private blog, which you will need to get/accept an invitation to.

The class differs in that it is shorter (only 7 tasks)...and you can have a finished item of use when done rather than a block or learning a techniques. It is also possible to just create the crazy quilt block portion of the project if you do not desire to have a purse...then you only need to finish the first 5 tasks.

You will have the option to add inside and outside pockets and adjust the shoulder strap length. The color of fabrics, trims, etc. is you choice...but I will give you a Shabby Chic palette of color as well, in case you desire to stay true to this style.

This purse will use silks, satins, and cottons. You'll need lace trims for sure; and some other trims if you desire. You'll also need at least 2 lace motifs about the size of, if you don't have any...I recommend you consider shopping on Etsy. I'm sure that Nickilee of Raviolee Dreams can hook you up...

If you would like to register, please send me an email (to: and provide me your NAME, STATE/COUNTRY, and email you want handouts for tasks sent too. If your "blog" email for class is different...just let me know that as well. Since you have already taken the BCQC-101'll understand what I mean by that.

Also, just a note while I have your attention. I'm doing Regional Courses again (finally finding time with my books at a slower pace). So, have created a website...if you belong to a Quilt Guild, I'd appreciate you sharing the link address with your Guild President or Guild Program Director. It is at

Thanks, hope to see you in class!

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Winner, Winner!

We have a winner for Christen Brown's newest book: Beaded Embroidery Stitching

There were 33 comments...but, some were anonymous without any way to make contact...and some were repeats because the person might not have realized that their first comment did "take" just needed me to moderate.

So, after scrubbing the listing...we had 28 valid comments. Using the Random Generator...the winner was #18.
and, drumroll please...Lucky #18 was:

So, Magpie's Mumblings...just email be at to let me know you are ready for your free pdf book download! Congrats!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Beading Lovers Unite!

Wow, I'm in beading glory at the moment...just looking at all of the gorgeous photos in Christen Brown's newest book: Beaded Embroidery Stitching

Tons of eye candy for me to enjoy...and several Gallery items or projects that are so inspiring I just want to get up and bead something...but can't put the book down long enough!
The beaded bracelets are especially catching my attention. But, I also want to do one of the beaded tassels. Decisions, decisions! All of the general and project instructions are clearly written with great how-to photos...even a novice bead enthusiast would love this book!
So, my best advice is to RUN not walk to the nearest quilt shop for this book. Or, just sit at order online at C&T Publications or on Amazon...don't wait!  Congrats Christen on another super book..this one is sure to be a favorite! I know it will be on my bookshelves for years to come!

To celebrate the launch of Christen's wonderful book...some stitching pals are having a Beaded Embroidery Stitching Blog Tour and Give-Away. If you leave a comment to my post about the book (see below), you could win a free E-book download of Christen's wonderful book!

Same goes for the other you can click on each link below...and leave a comment. That will increase your chances to win the E-book download!. I'll draw a name from those leaving me comments tomorrow afternoon and post the winner on the blog! Then, you'll need to email me so that I can get the book to you...instructions about that tomorrow.

Here are the other blogging buddies excited about Beaded Embroidery Stitching as much as me!

April 8 - C& T Publishing
April 9 - Allie Aller
April 10 - Me ;)
April 11 - Laura Wasilowski
April 12 - Judy Gula
April 13 - Brian Haggard
April 14 - Christen Brown

If you can't wait to see if you might win a drawing...just hop on over to C&T and order the print version of this book...seriously, you will not be sorry to have done so!

Friday, April 5, 2019

BCQC-102 is Open for Registration

The BCQC-2 module is 
5-7 April 2019
ATTENTION: You must have completed the BCQC-1 Module first, before registering for this BCQC-2 course.
The BCQC-2 has three major objectives:
* COLOR — Learning all about Color Selection
* PIECING —Techniques for successful Flip’n’Sew pieced blocks
* EMBELLISHING — Promote individual creativity while reinforcing the
    techniques learned in the BCQC-1 module

The Color portion of the module is extensive. It will cover the first 6 tasks:
· Planning for Color
· Impact of Color Choices
· Color Mixing
- Reading a Color Wheel
- Color Play
· Fast Color Selection Techniques

The Piecing portion of this course will focus on using cotton fabrics and the flip’n’sew method of piecing a block. It will not include a pattern, but does recommend using strips of fabric rather than patch pieces of fabric. So, yardage (1/4 or even 1/8 yardage widths is fine) for this method. We will be using cotton (but you can substitute sturdy silk if you have yardage on hand). This section includes the next two tasks:

· Fabric Selection
- Flip’n’Sew Method (pitfalls and solutions)

The Embellishing portion of this course will include:
· Lace/Trims
· Seam Embroidery
· Silk Ribbon Ideas
· Finishing with Beads, Baubles, and Charms

In total there are 11-tasks for this course. Just as in the BCQC-1 each new task will be emailed to you after you have posted the prior task. 

This is the "follow-on" class to the BCQC-1, which you should have completed first. It builds on the techniques learned in the initial basic course and gives you experience in selecting COLORs for your fabrics/embellishments that will work together nicely. [Note: If you are presently enrolled in the BCQC-1, and are at least on Task #10, you can still sign up for the I know you'll have time to finish the BCQC-1 shortly.]

The reason for even offering the BCQC-2 is so that folks (especially true beginners) that want to attempt a block for themselves...with little "influence" from me...but still have a teacher available to answer questions CAN WORK A NEW BLOCK. I'll walk you through the various "layers" of embellishments and offer advice on how to balance the work as we progress through these. Before we even begin, the first few tasks will introduce the "world of color selection" to you...helping you to feel a bit more at ease when combining colors in fabrics and/or embellishments.

To register:
Email me your: name, state/country information, and the email you want me to use for the course

Please NOTE: The class will begin on the 8th. So, after you register, you will get a welcome email...but the class blog will not be available to students until the 8th of April. On that day, watch your Email Inbox for the Blogger/Google email INVITATION to join the course's blogsite. Remember to bookmark the class blog site when you arrive there, just as you did for the BCQC-101 course.


Thursday, March 21, 2019

Crazy Kites

Doesn't this look like fractured glass!

It's the "crazy" version of my new pattern Crazy Kites. The design is available as a traditional quilt AND crazy the same pattern. Just hop on over to to get the download pdf pattern today!

I'm thinking that this would be a great pattern to do totally SCRAPPY as well...since there could be over 200 patches of unique fabrics that way. So, going to being making "kite blocks" with scraps as I get them (yes, I already have tons...but you know how they multiply!)...and when there are enough blocks...BOOM, I'll assemble as a crazy quilt. That gives me loads of new blocks to embellish as well! With the new book launching in a few weeks...that will be super convenient for new seams!

Blocks in this pattern are suitable for paper piecing as well...super fast!

Friday, March 15, 2019

OPEN REGISTRATION - ICQC-105 (Silk Ribbon Embroidery and More)

Open Registration 15-17 March (Friday through Sunday)

IMPORTANT: This course REQUIRES that you complete the Basic Crazy Quilt Course (BCQC-1) first, before registering. So, please ensure that you did finish the BCQC-1 before submitting your registration information. While it is also good to have completed the ICQC-103 and 104 courses...they is not required. You can also take this course at the same time as the ICQC-103 or 104 course (if you can make the time for both).

Completion of the BCQC-2 course or any of the other ICQC courses is not necessary to sign up for this Ribbon Embroidery course...only the BCQC-1 has to be finished first.

There will be TEN different tasks to complete in this course, with about twelve different motifs to stitch. All of the designs will be printed on fabric (or optionally you can trace the designs in the handout to your fabric). (The tenth task is a surprise and any ribbon size/color can be used)

The motifs for this module will be stitched directly to fabric rather than to crazy quilt blocks. Most of these designs are very detailed...and tracing them through layers of fabric is just not feasible. So, consider these "technique tasks". After you have learned each of these can pick/choose which ones to use again in the future for your existing CQ projects. The finished motifs CAN of course be used in new pieced blocks as well as stitching samples for current blocks. If you want to create these on existing blocks, that is fine...but will require some extra work on your part to create tissue paper or soluble sheet transfers; and the results are not guaranteed to work out (just so you know).

I will be providing all of the designs to you as "printable" designs. Each page of the PDF handout for the first task will be able to print directly to fabric sheets. These will then be hooped and the stitching done on top of the printed design. You do not need to "trace" any of the designs...unless you just don't want to print them on fabric sheets as I recommend.

I created my own printable fabric using freezer paper (check under the TUTORIAL TAB above) for almost all of these motifs. Or, if you can order printable sheets for your inkjet or laser copier/printer from or other source for all designs. You will need only one standard 10-page package to print all of the designs provided (Wild Rose Blossoms, Daisies, Berry Vine, Apple Blossoms, Tiny Rose Frames, Birds & Insects, Pomegranate, and Ribbon Lady).
I have tried very hard NOT to repeat the specific lessons in the Crazy Quilting Volume II: Ribbon Embellishments book, even though some stitches are of course the same. The "Ribbon Lady" is the only direct cross-over...and she has been requested so much that I knew you would demand she be in this course. So this course AND the book will give you all of the ribbon experience needed to create just about any motif you may desire to stitch!

You will  of course need silk ribbon in multiple sizes (2mm, 4mm, 7mm, 13mm). You can use white for all tasks...and color then with ink markers (Promarker brand recommended)...or purchase various colors in the needed sizes. Substitution is possible...but not encouraged. The below chart has all of the sizes/colors the stitched models used. You can change the colors to suit your own personal "vision" of the flower/fruit/animal being created (read left side for task topics). (Satin and organza are poor substitutes for silk ribbon...but I know some of you international folks may have no choice but to use these. If so, you will work harder and the results will not be perfect...but it is manageable for most of the tasks.)

Here is the chart for supplies (ribbon/thread): [click to enlarge the photo]. It is fine to change the colors if you prefer flowers of a different color (check the name in the far left side) but the sizes of ribbon should be maintained if possible...although I have listed substitutions in the remarks IF YOU MUST change the requirements.

A package of large chenille and tapestry needles are used for ribbon work. I expect you already have these from the work we did on the BCQC class.

Saturday through Monday will be filled with responses to registrations and getting the class blog up and running; don't expect the course to really get going until Tuesday. I will send welcome emails and blog invites throughout the weekend however. 

To register, please email me your NAME, State/Country, Email Address you wish to use for this course to

Remember: PLEASE do not register if you have not completed the BCQC-1 as it is a pre-registration requirement. 

After sending your registration, I will respond with a "Welcome" email. If you don't receive this by Sunday morning...then assume that I did not receive your information and resend the original email note. Note that I don't accept late registrations because these classes fill so fast; so FORWARD your original email note to me so I can clarify the date it was sent.

This course (and all courses) will be held at an assigned Blog for this specific class. You will need access to a working computer to take this online course. If you are especially "tech saavy" perhaps you can manage with an Ipad or other tablet...but you will need to be able to print from it and take/upload photographs to the private class blog. In the past, laptops and desktops perform great...but tablets did not usually work out as be advised.

Looking forward to this new course!


Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Basic CQ Course - Open for Registration - 5-7 March

OPEN REGISTRATION - Basic Crazy Quilt Course - 5-7 March

Please read the ENTIRE post before you email your registration information. Thank you :)

Basic Crazy Quilt Course (BCQC-1) is open for REGISTRATION until midnight on 7 March (Central Standard Time) 
NOTE: I do not accept late registrations for need to register within the dates of the open registration period. I'm sorry, but I just have too much going on to keep up with early or deal with late registrations.
This is a FREE online class. It is self-paced, and expected to take 4-8 weeks, depending on the time you have available to complete the 12 assigned Tasks.
Above is an artist illustration of the block we'll be working on in this course. 
These 12-Tasks include:
1 - How to Use the Class Blog
2 - Selecting Supplies
3- Design Principles of CQ
4 - Sewing the Block
5 - Surface Beading Techniques
6 - Template Seams
7 - Shape Seams
8 - 11 Various Silk Ribbon Flowers
12 - Finishing (lace, charms, etc.)
The class is FREE, you will not be charged anything for the instructions. You will need to obtain your own supplies as I do not sale kits.
Link to the Basic Supply List 
Basic CQ supplies include silk ribbon, pearl cotton threads, tiny beads, etc. as the photo above indicates. None of these are in large quantity for a single block that measures about the size of a sheet of print paper.
You will be required to use a quilting hoop (Q-snap is fine).
You WILL be required to access the private class blog (upon an invitation sent to you) and post photos of your work as you progress through the class. This is an ON-LINE course, so basic computer skills are needed (printing documents, uploading photos, etc.).

  If you are interested in taking this course, please email me at and provide me this information:
Your first name
Your last name
You country of residence
Your state of residence IF you live in the USA
The email address you wish me to send class instructional handouts to.
After you register, I will send you a Welcome Email AND Google/Blogger will send you (at my request) an Invitation to join the Class Blog where the class will be held. Watch for BOTH of these emails, check your spam folder.
Because this is an ON-LINE internet class:
You will need to follow some simple instructions to register and gain access to the private class blog. Your name and email will need to be entered; but NO social security or credit card information is required. Just basic information to "recognize" you as a class participant.
You will need to be able to take a photo of your work, and upload it to the class blog. You will get instructions on "blogging" so don't worry if you don't currently do that now; you will learn.
But, you DO NEED to have an operating camera and be able to take photos.
You do need a basic understanding of how to save these photos and then retrieve those picture files. IF you use an IPad to take will need to email them to yourself, download them to your computer, and then upload to the class blog. If you use a phone or camera...follow the instructions for that specific camera to upload photos to your computer.
NOTE: You will be given class handouts/instruction in the form of emails and pdf documents.
 The pdf files can be opened with Adobe Reader (free software on the site)

 You need to be able to open these handouts/instructions and save them.
You can also print as you desire. In total, the course contains over 200 pages of paper/printer will be required if you want to retain a hard copy of this information.
Hugs, and I hope to see you in the class! 
This Basic CQ Class (BCQC-1) is a REQUIRED course...before you can sign up to any of the other crazy quilt courses offered throughout the year. You begin with this course.
After you register...expect an invitation to the course site before the morning of the 18th.