Saturday, June 15, 2019

ICQC-106 is Open for Registration - 15-17 June 2019

This Intermediate level course is about "vintage reproduction" style crazy quilts. We'll be doing a planned block to get the hang of working with silks and fancy fabrics; then you can proceed (with some instructions) to create a large piece that is more organic than planned. So, if you have been wanting to work up a project that is more indicative of 1800's projects...this is the class for you.

No photos...but there will be vintage style seams (no ribbon, no beads, no baubles). Embroidery is best done in silk cording or threads if you have them...but if now, cotton is fine.

Fabrics should be medium to heavy silk (not thin like for blouses); and you can add some light-weight upholstery grade fabrics, cotton, and wool if you like. Try to stay away from "modern" fabrics like dance costume type that are too shiny or too these don't fit the "vintage style" we are striving for in this class.

Interested? If you have completed the BCQC-101 can sign up. Just email me at your name, state/country, and email you want me to use for the class blog (and to send homework tasks if that is different).


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