Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Working on Nametags for Guild Retreat


This is what happens when I can't find my binder clips (found them 10 minutes after finishing this task...isn't that the way it always is).

Adding some bits and bobs to the name tags...and on my left leg is Sunshine (snoozing as usual while I work!).

When my light gets to be too much for her, she just curls in the opposite direction and keeps on snoring. 

Friday, April 5, 2024

Red & White EPP Progress

 Another project that needs some attention...but is still in the "hold line" is this red/white quilt. I fell out of love with the original design; but do like these EPP elements of the quilt. So, am now thinking I can just use the fabrics for an entire EPP quilt in red white instead.

Will keep you posted!

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Flannel Monkeys

 Still thinking on current projects. Have a sweet little simple flannel quilt done for Evie...the kind you can just toss on to the floor for her to play dolls on.

Honestly, I did not need a new project. But, when at my friend Sharrons recently...we HAD to go to the quilt store and to the local Hobby Lobby. Could not pass up this cute little animal flannel.

My binding will be in the red cotton fabric. I had cut some green flannel...but now think that will be too bulky so using standard quilter cotton instead. This is probably one of the projects that will be packed up and head to retreat with me Saturday week.

Monday, April 1, 2024

Seams Adventure Begins

 I've been itching to design more seams lately. So, decided to begin a new Patreon page where I can post these weekly.

These are not re-publication of seams from my books...but new seam ideas. I will be posting one each week (on Sunday) throughout the year. 

As I design motifs, (like this one we played with in the Intermediate Class)...

... I will post them as well. My goal is to draw one at least monthly. My head is full of project ideas too, like this little zipper organizational bag design in my brain at present. So, I know that they will also find their way to the site over time too.

If you want to get these new designs...the cost is from $3 montly to $7 monthly...depending on how much of ME you want. Ha!

Here is a link to go check out all the details if you are interested:

Welcome & What to Expect | Patreon


Girl Scouts

 Recently, I too inventory of all the projects that are "in progress". Believe you me...there were way too many of them! That's the price you pay when your attention is easily drawn to new things and your brain if always full of new ideas.

At present, I'm busy working on two non-sewing projects for my local Quilt Guild. This Saturday, we have a group of 29 Girl Scouts (different troups, different age groups) coming to learn about Hand Sewing, Embroidery, and Machine Sewing. They are working on badges.

My part is the Embroidery. So, I have designed three different little the ages range from 6 to 18 in the group.

There will be instruction sheets with diagrams (like the one above for Straight Stitches) so hopefully, each can finish up their project; but if not, can at least have the instructions so they can finish at home.

All of the embroidery designs are printed directly to fabric (muslin). So, no tracing needed. I often print my embroidery designs directly to fabric; do you do that? Here is what you need to do:

1. Works only with INK JET printers, not laser type.

2. Cut a piece of freezer paper measuring 9 x 11.5 inches

3. Cut a piece of cotton fabric (muslin) measuring 9 x 11.5 inches

4. Iron the paper to the fabric...the wax side of the paper is against the fabric.

5. Trim this paper/fabric sandwich to exactly 8.5 x 11.0 inches.

6. Place into your paper tray...and print.

NOTE: My printer feeds the paper from the tray FACE DOWN, so I put my paper/fabric sandwich into the tray with the fabric facing down. Test your printer to see how it feeds before you waste a fabric sheet.

Print ONE SHEET AT A TIME; you can not stack these to print multiples unless you enjoy paper jams. 

Monday, February 19, 2024

Cotton Candy Monthly Blocks

These are the fabrics I've been working with on a monthly quilt kit. It is traditionally pieced. I would like to have had more contrast and am really hoping that I like the finished quilt top. However, even if I don' would still make a perfectly usable quilt for someone. Keeping my fingers crossed!

 Here is the laydown of the grouping titled Cotton Candy by the quilt shop. I'm now about half-way through the quilt and was keeping up nicely each month until the holidays hit. I don't think I did much more than the CQ promotion for Dazzling Diamonds book the entire month of November. December/January were total busts...don't even remember what I worked on.

Feels like I'm coming out of a daze (have been ill off/on for months now). Hope to get enough energy back to really work on my quilts again soon.

Friday, November 3, 2023

Dazzling Diamonds - SewALong - Final Instructions

 We have arrived at the "bling" part of our blocks. Beautiful Silk Ribbon Embroidery (SRE) and beads/sequins/etc. layered on top of the fiber embroidery just completed.

Here is now Block #11 (which you saw me construct at the last post) now looks. If you compare the elements in the book photo (see page 59) you will note some minor changes. Well, the most obvious is that these colors are not the same as was used in the "Spring" inspired quilt in the book.

Sorry this seam is vertical...can't rotate it. But, you should note that I've chosen to add some light green bugle beads between the spokes in the center seam.

The bottom seam, more like branches or short one rose. I rant out of the orange 7mm silk ribbon. But, I'm okay with it not being there as no one else will think it is short. I might come back later and put a small butterfly charm near the spot where this last rose is diagrammed it. (see page 58 in the book)

Lastly, I substituted beads, sequins and a tiny glass butterfly bead for buttons in the top seam. This block was embellished last week, while I was attending a Retreat with friends. While I brought plenty of beads with me...not a single button made it into my car! 

The next task is for me to finish embellishing all of my blocks (and sewing together a few as well). As that is done, I'll post more photos.

Lastly, we will piece all of these finished blocks together following the piecing diagram (see pages 12-13). Blocks can be sewn together in two ways: (a) traditional with a quarter-inch seam allowance (but use a zipper foot to help prevent you ''running over" any sewn on beads, or (b) butt blocks together and "zig zag" down the center, catching both edges at the same time. The second option will require that you cover the butted-seam with lace, ribbon, bias binding, etc. to finish the top.

Borders can be added, these are attached just as you would any other quilt. Crazy quilts do not contain batting; but you will attach a "faux backing" to hide all of the embroidery and beading work on the back of your foundation piecing blocks.

I hope you will share photos with me when your project is complete!

Thursday, November 2, 2023

Happy Birthday Aidan!


My darling, my heart, my grand-daughter Aidan...seated at my left here; learning to sew a button on a bit of cloth...turns "20" today! Where has the time gone!

I loved showing her how to sew. I'm now looking forward to doing the same with her sister...who turns "4" in February. I'm hoping that my lessons will "stick" better with her sister. Ha! Love you Aidan!