Saturday, June 15, 2019

ICQC-106 is Open for Registration - 15-17 June 2019

This Intermediate level course is about "vintage reproduction" style crazy quilts. We'll be doing a planned block to get the hang of working with silks and fancy fabrics; then you can proceed (with some instructions) to create a large piece that is more organic than planned. So, if you have been wanting to work up a project that is more indicative of 1800's projects...this is the class for you.

No photos...but there will be vintage style seams (no ribbon, no beads, no baubles). Embroidery is best done in silk cording or threads if you have them...but if now, cotton is fine.

Fabrics should be medium to heavy silk (not thin like for blouses); and you can add some light-weight upholstery grade fabrics, cotton, and wool if you like. Try to stay away from "modern" fabrics like dance costume type that are too shiny or too these don't fit the "vintage style" we are striving for in this class.

Interested? If you have completed the BCQC-101 can sign up. Just email me at your name, state/country, and email you want me to use for the class blog (and to send homework tasks if that is different).


Sunday, June 9, 2019

ICQC-103 is Officially Retired

All of the handouts for the Intermediate Crazy Quilt Course-103 are not part of the Yahoo files. It will not be offered again via this blog.

You can download all of the files and work through the tasks at your leisure just by joining the Yahoo Group Shawkl Files (private group to keep down spammers). We are not a "chat" group, but just a place for me to upload the past class files when I'm no longer planning on teaching them.

If you look at the right side bar here on the blog...look for the little rosebud...that is where you click to join the Group. Complete the requested information (email is all I think, maybe your name). Then, Yahoo Groups will send me an email to go approve you request to join.

I'll do that...and you'll get an email with link to get to the site.

Go to "Files" and download all of the things that interest you.

Have fun!

Saturday, June 8, 2019

On-Site SRE Class... 6 August 2019

What: Silk Ribbon Embroidery Class
Where: Newton, Alabama @ Willowtree Quilts Studio
Cost: $60 (includes all supplies and lunch)
When: 6 August 2019 (Saturday) 9 a.m. -- 4 p.m.

We'll be doing silk ribbon leaves, various roses, iris, tulip, hyacinth, and butterflies. These will be practiced and we'll be creating two little organizational FELT Thimble Holder and a little TIN with felt lining for pins or what-not.

So, if you are in the Newton area...send me an email so I can add you to the reservations for the class. Then, I'll get some directions to you via Willowtree. Email for me is (don't forget the "dot" between my last/first name.


Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Felt Thimble Holders

Sweet little embroidery holders made from felt to hold special thimbles, or just keep your well used one from getting lost! Attach a little ring or clip and you can secure these to a Chatalaine, sewing bag, etc.

 I shared  photo of these last week on Instagram, but have been creating a variety of these for a couple of years now as gifts and items for the Etsy shop (when I have time).

These little plastic containers are great for creating several Thimble Holders because they are of uniform size, so no "math" every time...just repeat the original dimensions over and over again. 

But, special containers are not needed...just walk around the house looking for tall lids. Here are a couple of bottles of mouth wash, a slender can of hair spray, and a spray adhesive. Each lid would work to create the container for the thimble. All that is needed is to cover each in felt and attach a lid!

How you adorn the outside is really a personal choice. 

Hint: If you have the new Stunning Stitches for Crazy Quilts book....there are loads of seams in there that will work beautifully around the outside of a thimble holder! If you don't it yet, check it out at C&T Publications or on

Happy Stitching!

Thursday, May 30, 2019


Joining a quilt guild last month means...I need a name tag. I have the little plastic case and can insert a card with my name written on it...but...BORING! So, thought it was time to create another chatelaine. I do have one, done decades ago....before crazy quilting entered my life.
Very "vanilla" as I only used it for my name and Guild Letters. I attached my quilt pins (AQS, etc) to it...but honestly usually forgot it when I went to meetings. So, I'll have to do better this time around at remembering!

Here's where I am in this adventure so far. Have the fronts to both sides of the chatelaine piece. 

Found some prior embroidery pieces I had done, some cross-stitches little bits, even a shadow embroidery little bow in my pile of "stitched samples". I printed the "I Love Crazy, Bee Happy, and Name on to cotton fabrics...they may or may not get any more embellishing...we'll see.
Both have a base of linen with a cotton (orange piece) inside foundation layer. Each half looks like a really short tie at this point. Both of these two halfs will have another fabric piece (probably felt) that will connect them and go behind my neck, and become the backing that hides all of my knots, etc.

Why not consider working on a chatelain of your own? You could even add organization to it....little pockets, loops for hanging things (I'm thinking of adding one for my glasses!)...really it is quite a neat thing to have handy when stitching.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Annemieke Mein

Thanks to MaryAnne Richardson for talking to me about "favorite books". I had several and she had of course, I had to own it too since she gave it such a glowing recommendation.

It is one of those books that inspire you to just get up and create! I'm not a huge machine will never attempt even a trial of these designs. But I'm totally blown away at the creative vision of this artist.

I was also very interested in seeing this photo of the artist at work, because it gave me great insight to the scale of her work. So much larger than any crazy quilt motif, and yet so detailed the entire effort is very realistic. Here is the larger view of the completed piece under her needle in the above "artist portrait" example.

Thank you so much Mary Anne...I'll have a lot of enjoyment from reading this book!

Hugs...from one "enabler" to another! :)

Sunday, May 19, 2019

How Organized Are You?

Really, can we be too organized? Nope, I don't think so. But most days, I feel that I have a long way to go to feel really organized.

Last year I bought a calendar, then found in the middle of the year that I was already planning for the next bought another one. I got a 2018-2019 version thinking it would cover both years...nope, began in June of the current year. So, I still needed the full year 2018 and this new one. I also have a "chicken book" as we call it here in my is where I write down "important" things like the login/password to my Amazon account (ha!). Really, it began as a listing of websites with login/passwords..but has grown into notes as well because it is "handy to pick up".

There is also a variety of "doodle" books where I make lists, dream of projects, or just sketch out things. Of course, there is also a sketch book (not in the photo). But, it seems that when I'm needing one of these...I can't find the "right one" so grab is a vicious cycle. So, instead of me feeling "organized" by writing things down...I feel very dis-organized because I can't find WHERE I wrote it at?!!

Therefore, I'm making an effort to do better. To really consider WHAT information I do need and organize a way to keep that all together. I have this neat 3-ring has a nice pretty outside and handle for carrying. 

It also zips closed (which is really nice) and has places for pens/pencils, etc. I like putting the arm of my reading glasses into a pencil holder for safe keeping. Plus, the greatest thing I just found out was that the little Velcro pocket will hold my phone! Not closed mind you, but it fits...and the zipper will keep it from falling out anyway! How great is that fact...yes, I'm smiling at a simple thing. :)

So, yesterday and today I've been busy creating a new calendar (2018 beginning in June and the ENTIRE year of 2020) now just am going to spend the afternoon transferring my events from both of the old calendars into this new calendar. And, I might even get things into my phone. Why both? Well, first I'm "old school" and like paper still...and two, I have lived through the horror of electronics that just don't work any longer. So, don't want to face the dreaded "multi day wait" before I have a working calendar, contacts, etc. again. Nope...will have a paper backup!

Also, did some organizational sheets for Project Planning, General notes/doodles drawing, etc. There are a lot of organizational tools on-line these days...or you can create your own if you are marginally skilled with Windows software.

How do you organize your creative process?