Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Course Registration Announcement: ICQC-104; 15-17 October 2019

I was just saying to my friend Pam the other day...that I didn't think there would be many folks signing up for this last class of the year...with the holidays so close. But, before getting this post even loaded this morning...there are two ladies asking to register. So, there you go...totally wrong again. Ha! Plus, I'm impressed that these ladies are so organized that they "remembered" the open window dates for registration...without me even posting yet. Ah...to be so organized. A goal for sure!.

Anyhow...you know the procedure by now...but here are the "rules" for this class registration:

You must have completed ICQC-103 Prior to registering for this ICQC-104 Course.

This course is intended for those that finished the ICQC-103 last year.
(But, if you are currently past mid-way into that class...you can ask about registration IF you can do both classes at the same time.)

ICQC-104, Mixed Motifs with Fabric

is expected to last 8-12 weeks

To Register: email me your Name, State/Country, Email address...just as for previous courses...to shaw.kathy@yahoo.com


The ICQC-104 includes these modules/tasks:

104A-Embellishing OVER Silkie Images

Task 1: Stitching Hair

Task 2: Stitching Flowers

104B-Framing Silkie Images

Task 3: Create a CQ Block with Framed Silkie


Task 4: Create a Broderie Perse Applique

Task 5: Create a Hand Applique Heart (or other shape)

Task 6: Design an Applique based on an Embroidery Pattern

104D-Raised Applique

Task 7: Create a Raised Applique (Bunny, Cat, or Teddy Bear)

104E-Working with Various Slips

Task 8: Create an Embroidery Slip

Task 9: Create a Silkie Slip

Task 10: Create a Beaded Slip

  There is no special supply list needed for this class. Standard sewing and embroidery supplies (as needed in prior classes) will be used. The need for some medium or heavy weight interfacing scraps and some thin felt/flannel scraps could require some shopping. 


The photos above are some of the techniques taught. The fox, bunny, and heart patterns are also in this course, along with other patterns as well. The mermaid silkie is an example of the over-stitching of hair...but you can use any printed image you want to try this technique.

Friday, October 11, 2019

70% Off Sale

This weekend is the Home Coming Football Game for our local high school...so, I'm celebrating with them by having a 70% off sale on my Etsy Shoppe.


So, if you do scrapbooking, embroidery, or quilt...join the celebration and get these while the sale is on.

Go Bulldogs!


Friday, September 27, 2019

Where has time gone?

I don't know about you...but for me, this year is just flying by!

I was looking over the class schedule..and we only have ONE MORE COURSE for this year before "holiday season" stops my teaching for a few weeks.

(ICQC-104) Dimensional Motifs

15th-17th (October)

The ICQC-104 (Intermediate Crazy Quilt Course-104) is advanced motifs. It should be taken after the ICQC-103 is completed. This course included various motifs that include different applique methods, silk ribbon flower borders, dimensional applique and the creation of embroidery/beaded/printed slips.

Seriously, where has time gone? You may also be wondering what happened to the "usual" class that hits 5-7 each month for registration...well, this next month I'll be out of town on those days...so didn't add another BCQC-101 or BCQC-102 to the calendar. The BCQC-101 will begin again next year however...so no worried.

There is also a new course coming in January...and you can read all about that under the CLASSES TAB at the top...hugs! 

Sunday, September 15, 2019

ICQC-106,, Vintage Victorian Style CQ Course is Open for Registration - 15-17 Sep 2019

This is an Intermediate level course.

We will be doing a "vintage reproduction style" crazy quilt block out of silk tie material (and/or cotton and silks). We'll be doing a planned block to get the hang of working with silks and fancy fabrics.

Then you will can proceed independently (with some instructions) to create a larger piece that is more "organic" than "planned". So, if you have been wanting to work up a project that is more indicative of 1800's projects...this is the class for you to get your feet wet in!

No photos...but there will be vintage style seams (no ribbon, no beads, no baubles). Embroidery is best done in silk cording or threads if you have them...but if now, cotton is fine.

Fabrics should be medium to heavy silk (not thin like for blouses). Silk ties at the local thrift or consignment store are the best for this block. PRINTS are needed, rather than solids...as prints will be part of the "learning" portion of this class.

Later, after the first initial block is finished...the last task is to step-out and design/create a larger project. Then, you can add solids to the mix of silk tie fabrics. Also, you can add other fabrics like wool, silk solid fabrics, cottons, etc. It will be YOUR creation; having gained some experience in the first half of the course.

Try to stay away from "modern" fabrics like dance costume type that are too shiny or too slippery...as these don't fit the "vintage style" we are striving for in this class.

Interested? If you have completed the BCQC-101 course...you can sign up. Just email me at shaw.kathy@yahoo.com....with your name, state/country, and email you want me to use for the class blog (and to send homework tasks if that is different).


Saturday, September 7, 2019

Heads Up Class Folks!


Windows 10 update last night crashed my system...and now, I can't get the laptop to "recognize" my external drive...where all of my files are held.

So, have ordered a "fix" I hope...after spending all night (literally) trying different "help" suggestions...none of which worked.

Have un-installed the update...but same problem still exists.

So, have an old laptop...but will wait until the "fix" arrives from Amazon on Monday before I go that route.

So, if I can find an old email that has "your next task" in it...and can forward...then you will get a new task. If not...then you have to take a break until Tuesday.

But, meanwhile...after staying up all night working on this problem (literally...all night)...we had a family yard sale today..in the hot sun. So, I'm cranky, hot, tired, hungry...stinky...and need a shower, food, and sleep. That is my priority at present...so hope you understand if I don't talk more until tomorrow.

Hugs, to all...put your feet up and dream of future projects!

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Basic CQ Course - Open for Registration - 5-7 Sep

OPEN REGISTRATION - Basic Crazy Quilt Course - 5-7 Sep

Please read the ENTIRE post before you email your registration information. Thank you :)

Basic Crazy Quilt Course (BCQC-1) is open for REGISTRATION until midnight on 7 Sep (Central Standard Time) 
NOTE: I do not accept late registrations for classes...you need to register within the dates of the open registration period. I'm sorry, but I just have too much going on to keep up with early or deal with late registrations.
This is a FREE online class. It is self-paced, and expected to take 4-8 weeks, depending on the time you have available to complete the 12 assigned Tasks.
Above is an artist illustration of the block we'll be working on in this course. 
These 12-Tasks include:
1 - How to Use the Class Blog
2 - Selecting Supplies
3- Design Principles of CQ
4 - Sewing the Block
5 - Surface Beading Techniques
6 - Template Seams
7 - Shape Seams
8 - 11 Various Silk Ribbon Flowers
12 - Finishing (lace, charms, etc.)
The class is FREE, you will not be charged anything for the instructions. You will need to obtain your own supplies as I do not sale kits.
Link to the Basic Supply List 
Basic CQ supplies include silk ribbon, pearl cotton threads, tiny beads, etc. as the photo above indicates. None of these are in large quantity for a single block that measures about the size of a sheet of print paper.
You will be required to use a quilting hoop (Q-snap is fine).
You WILL be required to access the private class blog (upon an invitation sent to you) and post photos of your work as you progress through the class. This is an ON-LINE course, so basic computer skills are needed (printing documents, uploading photos, etc.).

  If you are interested in taking this course, please email me at shaw.kathy@yahoo.com and provide me this information:
Your first name
Your last name
You country of residence
Your state of residence IF you live in the USA
The email address you wish me to send class instructional handouts to.
After you register, I will send you a Welcome Email AND Google/Blogger will send you (at my request) an Invitation to join the Class Blog where the class will be held. Watch for BOTH of these emails, check your spam folder.
Because this is an ON-LINE internet class:
You will need to follow some simple instructions to register and gain access to the private class blog. Your name and email will need to be entered; but NO social security or credit card information is required. Just basic information to "recognize" you as a class participant.
You will need to be able to take a photo of your work, and upload it to the class blog. You will get instructions on "blogging" so don't worry if you don't currently do that now; you will learn.
But, you DO NEED to have an operating camera and be able to take photos.
You do need a basic understanding of how to save these photos and then retrieve those picture files. IF you use an IPad to take photos...you will need to email them to yourself, download them to your computer, and then upload to the class blog. If you use a phone or camera...follow the instructions for that specific camera to upload photos to your computer.
NOTE: You will be given class handouts/instruction in the form of emails and pdf documents.
 The pdf files can be opened with Adobe Reader (free software on the Adobe.com site)

 You need to be able to open these handouts/instructions and save them.
You can also print as you desire. In total, the course contains dozens of pages of information...so paper/printer will be required if you want to retain a hard copy of this information.
Hugs, and I hope to see you in the class! 
This Basic CQ Class (BCQC-1) is a REQUIRED course...before you can sign up to any of the other crazy quilt courses offered through this blog. You begin with this course...
After you register...expect an invitation to the course site before the morning of the 8th.

Friday, August 30, 2019

A Beautiful Surprise

Thanks MaryAnne Richardson! This gorgeous little fabric postcard arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon...inside an envelope for protection thankfully. It is one using my STITCH Templates and I adore the results! Thanks so very much MaryAnne for thinking about me!

Appreciate that it is "pink" too! Ha! You know me so well...it's almost scary!