And the winner is....

Such a good week...and a very tiring one! Had a great visit with my grand-daughter who came and stayed for seven days. Did not accomplish a lot of stitching, but enjoyed her company so much! Thanksgiving was wonderful...loads of family...and food! Friday, was a day of recuperation from too much food!
Friday was also my birthday, and got to blow out a single candle when my grand-daughter brought me a piece of pie with a candle in the center, and a little piece of paper attached that said Happy Birthday. Thankfully, I got it done before the paper went up in flames!
And, this morning (a day late) I put everyone's name in the pot from the comments section and drew a name for the Elegant Stitches book. The winner is: Juli
I'll be contacting her for a mailing address to send the book. Thanks for all the lovely comments and birthday wishes!
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My Gift to YOU!

Such a happy week! A major holiday filled with Thanks for my family and friends! (and loads of great food!)....
A special birthday (my big "6 oh!")
And the 1000th's follower to my Shawkl blog!
So, let's celebrate!
From now until the end of my can do some early Christmas shopping at my Etsy shoppe...with this 40% off coupon code: BIRTHDAYGIFT
Everything is the more you buy, the more you save!
And, if for some reason Etsy does not apply the coupon, just send me an email and I'll reimburse you the 40% from your paypal payment before shipping.
And, we are also having a gift drawing...FREE to all viewers. Just leave a comment below and tell me what item you liked best from the Etsy Shoppe. The prize will be a copy of Elegant Stitches by Judith Baker Montano...and I'll chose a comment at random to select the winner. Will do so on the 29th!
Wishing you and your family a wonderful week!
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Shabby Paperweights

Have finished up some paperweights...shabby chic style. These are weighted with wood bases covered in felt so that the do not scratch any type of desk or table. Each has ribbon work and beaded accents.
Hoped to get more done, but managed only five this week. But, that's better than not getting anything stitched I suppose. Ha! Got to find the positive!
Managed two thimble cases finished...and have three more with the embroidery work done. Hope to get these done by December.

Did you notice? We are at 999 followers! One more and we will be in 4 digit numbers! That's so cool!
Hugs to all!

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Shabby Chic Style Cabochons framed..

If you could see the number of cabochons in my studio (or really messy sewing room if you want the "southern version")...I would be seriously embarrassed. It dawned on me just this past week that there is no way that I can ever sit still long enough to actually bead all of these cabochons (and the Czech Glass Buttons). So, have sold a few on the Second Hand Crazy Quilt Supplies De-Stash site...and decided to frame these photo cabs and sale them too.

What does not go on the de-stash for cost will go for a slight mark-up retail cost on the Etsy Shoppe. Should have them listed there by December. Working on some other gift items for Etsy if you are needing any gifts for sewing friends, keep me in mind. 
These would work on any style of block. Just couch in place, and tack a little silk ribbon bow...or a flower to the top.

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Do You Ebay?

Well, I now have an Ebay page...and have no clue what I'm doing. So, keeping my fingers crossed that I don't mess something up!
I have several brooches in my jewelry box that I purchased some years ago (when I wore suits for work). Now, they are just collecting dust...and these were not "normal" brooches. 
I got them from Russia, and each is a painting done under magnification...the detailing is stunning! 
I don't know how even with a magnification lamp someone can get this kind of detail...but they did. 
Each is obviously hand made by an artist with wire work skill to create the brooch after painting the scene.  
Three are done on Mother of Pearl and one is enamel. So, if you'd like to invest in a piece of art that you can wear...check these out. The skill of the painters is astonishing! And, wish me luck with my new "adventure"... :)

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More Felt Thimble Holders and Clearing Lace

Yesterday was a dreary and rainy day. Great for doing a little stitching for the Etsy Shoppe. So, making more thimble holders.
My muse loves diversity,  and wants to do other things...but look at the mess my table is in. No room to do more until these get finished.
So, just took a short break for a couple of hours and sorted my dyed lace drawer.
Put several pieces up for sale on the Facebook Second Hand Crazy Quilt Supplies group page.

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CQJP 2015 Registration Notification

Please share this on your blog...and then go to and register for the challenge. Photo submissions begin in January.
Details are on the CQJP2015 Blog. 

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Some CQ Photos and More

What a crazy month! The past two weeks especially have been super busy!  Finished two designs for StitchMAP Hex Challenge for my cyber friend Shari. Well, technically three...but you have already seen the Owl. So the Spider Mums above and the little pair of Mushrooms below were stitched up and written...ready for her to send out to her group.

The CQBC (Crazy Quilt Basic Class) is in full swing...but not without a few problems in getting everyone on to the class blog. Why is technology so aggravating at times? But, all is well now and folks are stitching right along...we started with 74 but 3 had to drop out for medical reasons. And, most likely another six or so will do so this week because of scheduling problems...they are just having too much on their collective plates right now. So, as usual...the final class will be around 60 ladies. A very manageable size for an on-line class (IMHO).
Finished a Wool Round Robin block and got it into the mail this morning.

I have been also de-stashing and moving a LOT of my bead, charms, and silkie prints collection OUT THE DOOR! Down-sizing and re-organizing takes way too much work! So, it's been super nuts around here of late. I'm sure the ladies in the CQBC think that I'm just a basket case waiting for the little men in white coats by this time!
Tonight, I'll be wrapping Birthday presents...because my darling little Aidan turns eleven tomorrow! Can you believe it...she was just in diapers. She is the best grand-daughter and it will be great to share her special day with her and my daughter tomorrow.

ALSO...if you are a member of the HGTV Message Board...they will be shutting down all message boards on 4 November. Our new message board for members (including CQ folks like me) will be at Our Circle of Friends so go register so we can find you again...hugs!

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Second Hand Crazy Quilt Supplies

Still de-stashing....working on the "treasures" hidden in the totes under the bed. Aidan is here this weekend...and she pulls them out for me to go through. First treasure...a box of printed silkie images (on poplin). An entire shoebox full. Was sure this got thrown out glad to see it! There are about 300 images..and I've grouped them into mostly sets of two to four pieces...some more...some less. Each set is only $1.85 plus S/H.
If you need silkies...this is a phenominal deal! 
The other ladies that are de-stashing their studios...are offering some wonderful buttons, ribbons, trims, etc.
Worth the time to check out the Facebook page for Second Hand Crazy Quilt Supplies.
Most everyone accepts you can use your credit card with that if you like. Easy to purchase; just click on the Photo Albums...and check one a photo...and begin to scroll through the album. Each photo has a description of the item and the price. Select what you want...then send a Message to the Sale Person with your email...for invoicing. Payment usually due upon receipt of the invoice.
S/H is usually actual cost to mail/package the items you purchased.
Most will ship overseas too.

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Crazy Quilt Basic Course

Welcome to all who have successfully registered.
The Registration is Now Closed.
The next course will be offered in late January 2015.
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Crazy Quilt Basic Course Registration Open 8-12 October...FREE Class!

Registration for the CQBC is now open!
This is a free on-line course.

The Crazy Quilt Basic Class (CQBC) includes detailed instruction on:
-- piecing the class block
-- principles of design
-- creating straight uniform seams with templates
-- stitching several silk ribbon flowers
-- adding lace motifs and charms
-- and using beads

Sounds simple, but there is a lot of information in these modules. You will need a decent printer and a pack of paper.

This class gets great reviews. Even ladies that have been doing crazy quilt round robins for a while tell me that even they learned something new in the class. Everyone is required to finish the CQBC, to include posting a photo of their finished project, BEFORE they can register in any other courses.
This is because the other classes do not "re-cover" the material presented in the basic class. So, you have to know how to complete these tasks first. And, for ME to know that you have to finish this Basic Course with me.
Registration will be open until midnight CST on 12 October 2014.
Here are the supplies that you will need for the you can begin to gather supplies:
You can substitute pastel solid or small print fabrics for the neutral if desired. No mediums and no dark fabrics. You can substitute the shades of silk ribbon with
3 yards of 4mm green; 3 yards of 4mm white; 3 yards of 7mm pink; and 3 yards of 7mm purple if you want to save some money...but the block will not be as interesting.

Everyone will get handouts for the class beginning on Monday, after registration has closed. Students will be taking the class at a different blog address, and instructions will be given in the handouts on how to get to that site. You must have a working knowledge of how to read email and view a blog. I'll give you picture instructions on how to do the other tasks needed...and they are not difficult.

So, to register: EMAIL me your name, mailing address, phone (if in USA), and email you wish to use for this class. Send this info to put CQBC Registration in the subject line please...thank you.

If you have questions, I'd be happy to answer them...and email is the fastest way to reach me.
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Want a Bargain? Want to De-Stash?

If so, check out this facebook site...
Second Hand Crazy Quilt Supplies
What you have excess of can become new stash for someone else.
I'm letting go of a lot...and getting new things that I need more.
If I could just find a way to actually SORT through all the stuff I have to decide what to craft room looks like someone turned it upside down and shook it! Shook it hard!
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Ribbon Colors

Have you even wondered what a purple ribbon means? We see pink ribbons for Breast Cancer Awareness; Black Ribbons for Mourning; Yellow Ribbon for Missing Loved Ones...but what about other colors.
Today, I came across a great piece of information...and it is in a printable version for color printers. (scroll to the bottom of the page).
Ribbon Colors
Thought you might find this information interesting and want to print a copy for yourself.

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Giftee Idea

Wow, where has this week gone!?! My friend Pam asked me for this is one of those on my Craftsy page...but thought I'd also post it today as a freebie to my blog followers.
It's a wee wallet that I carry every day instead of a purse. My cards and money tuck in very nicely so just perfect for a quick run into the store. 
Keys in one blouse pocket and this mini-wallet in the other...and I'm in and out in a flash!
The pattern also has a checkbook cover included. It usually stays in my purse...back in my office. But, at times...the purse and ALL my "stuff" will make a trip too.
And, when it get's dirty (like mine is now)...just empty the contents and toss it into the wash, if you have used washable fabrics. Here's the link to download the pattern:
Rose and Lilac Wallet &Checkbook Cover

If you don't want to do hand embroidery on the front...use a bit of machine embroidery instead...or just a pretty fabric.
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Printing Embroidery Patterns to Fabric

This has been a real work week of writing and editing classes for myself and for StitchMAP...and I'm battling another week of sleeping strange hours. Honestly, not getting much stitching done. But, there are a couple of classes coming up in the next few weeks that I have to get stitched, photographed, and written for StitchMAP. So, thought I'd get one of them traced on to my fabric and started. But, when I taped the pattern to the light has so many tiny little lines, close together...that I just didn't have the energy (motivation) to want to even get started. So, instead...I decided to print the pattern right on the fabric.
I began by spraying starch on the fabric...getting it good and wet. Pressed it until it was nice and flat and dry. I'm using cotton fine weave linen (...but have used cotton batik in the past with great success too). Then,
I cut a piece of Freezer Paper (wax side/paper side) about 10 x 12 and pressed it to the back side of my linen. 
Then, I used my quilter's 12"-square ruler and trimed the linen/paper sandwich...first on the top/side edges...

...then the other two side until it was a perfect 8.5 x 11.0 size for my printer. I loaded it into the ink jet printer paper tray (linen side down...because that's the way my printer works)...and now have a printed fabric sheet to embroidery.

Next, peel off the waxed Freezer paper from the linen fabric.

I added a piece of fusible interfacing to the back to stabilize the thin linen for this project.

And hooped...and am ready to stitch!
So, if you have a decent inkjet printer...and a small enough project to fit a standard size of printer paper...and enough "extra" to sacrifice in might like this quick method of getting an electronic pattern to the fabric. If your pattern has Logos or such that you don't want have to crop those out of the picture...or scan the pattern with these parts covered up with typing paper to get them "off" before you print. Since I created this pattern for the class..I could drop out all of the parts I didn't not the leaves.

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Postal Goodies...

Don't you just love the little surprise that come from the postman? I mean the good ones...not the bad ones (like bills due each month). Even if I know something is coming...because I ordered still lifts my spirits a bit when it arrives. Like a tiny little Christmas Morning feeling as I walk back up my steps...anticipating the fun I'm about to have at seeing the contents.
That's the way I felt a couple of days this last week. The above pattern and pretties came from Janet at Vintage Vogue. I've been wanting to do this hat for a few years now actually, and it might be a few more before I actually do it...but at least now I'm closer to starting the project because I at least have the pattern.  Also got some glorious ribbons and threads and can't wait to stitch with these. Janet has the best stuff!
Then, I got a surprise envelope...from my friend NickiLee. Some of her gorgeous hand painted/dyed laces from her shoppe RavioleeDreams! They were send by my secret sister...who contacted Nicki and ordered them. Wasn't that a cool gift idea from her! My secret sis is just the bestest!
The postman also brought me two international envelopes this week...both from special new friends in my crazy quilt classes. Linda B. is from Canada, and send me some hand-made crochet and tatted pieces that she made! 
She has great talents with the tatting needle (which I don't have) and crochet hook. She is also sent some pretty little beads for me to work with.
The last little envelope is from Pippa P. in the United Kingdom. She also does beautiful tatting work...and I'm so envious of her talents! 
Her family has done needlework for generations...and she sent me three pieces of lace done by her Great Aunt...can you imagine! 
These are so delicate and the thread is teensy like sewing thread...just outstanding work. Not what we see today...and I'm just flabbergasted and honored that she would entrust me with a bit of this. It is just gorgeous lace. 
AND, just after first writing this post...the mailman delivered some pretty charms and seed beads from my friend Mary B. in Texas. I'm going to have fun with these too!
So, I've had a wonderful week of surprises from the postman.
Oh, and also got my 2015 CQ Calendar this week..and two new, am going to be enjoying some eye candy in print too this weekend!
Hope you had some good news and little surprises in the mail this week too.
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