Monday, April 28, 2014

Saturday, April 26, 2014

No Wonder We're Soooooo Tired!

Looking through the archives a bit today...I came across a video that was made 14 years before I was born (you do the math)...and thought it was interesting and funny even. I liked watching the shuttle of the sewing machine...and had to laugh at the ladies gloves worn while driving.
Thought you might enjoy it here's the link:

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hello...remember me?

Ha, that's what I feel like saying. It seems that it's been forever since I've really posted about anything associated with my needle-art...but honestly, I've actually be really, really busy. These cabochons are for my friend Maureen...and aren't they so pretty, with a couple of really unusual vintage ones. It was a joy to get back to some beading...and I was so happy to work on these for her. And, she sent me some very pretty cabs of my very own as a thanks...and they'll get beaded sometime. Ha!
I've been extra busy with class projects for StitchMAP and for myself...and those are things that I can't really blog details about...but they do take up a lot of my creative time. I also have a special "secret" project to begin...that can't be shared yet either...and that will drive my muse crazy! But, I have two crazy quilt block in the works...and a third being more about them in the days/weeks to come for sure!
The weather is nice now...and the garden has been mostly that will take up some time soon as well...and I'll take photos of everything I can that's going on to share with you!
Hope y'all are having a great Spring!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

More Snowmen

Seems strange working on snowmen blocks now that the sun is out! But, I just got these done in time for the HGTV group's challenge this, frankly, it will a struggle to keep up as I'm not that energetic to stitch anything that reminds me of cold weather! But, perhaps by July...I'll be begging for the cool and my muse will be energized again! Ha!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ready, Set, Go!

Whew! Today was fun and tiring...but the sun was shining and all was great. We hid something over 200 eggs...and the kids found almost all of them. Most were plastic except for 3 dozen or so...and we only "lost" one of those eggs. We're sure to find it after the summer sun gets it good and hot...and we'll step on it! Whew, what a smell that will be! Mom has a huge back yard that is great for hiding eggs.

For those that left comments yesterday...yes, a large family is a lot of fun. As the oldest of the seven kids...I have three younger sisters and 3 younger brothers. We all have kids, step kids, grand kids, and even some great-nieces and nephews.
The little kids (3 and under) hunt near the house...and the older ones hunt everywhere else in the backyard. We hide eggs that will get you a prize, and others that have candy or loose change well as dyed hard-boiled eggs...also sometimes worthy of a prize.

 Lil Brady found a few eggs...with lot's of help because he of course didn't "get it" at his age. But, he enjoyed walking, and walking, and walking all around the yard. Such freedom!
 Little Ely is old enough to look and pick up a lot on her own. And when we stopped hunting and were counting eggs so we could determine if they had all been found...she helped out. She took the first egg from her basket and placed it on the ground...while announcing loudly "Two!" we were sure that she had the most by the time she finished her counting...ha!
 Here's my sweet Aidan counting out hers...37 found...
 Hard to get faces when I'm shooting down...but Clay had quiet a few as well...
 When all were counted, we still were missing seven...and off they went to hunt for those...
 Then we sat in the shade and all the kids could empty out their eggs of candy and change...
Fun was certainly had by all today!
Now, it's time for a NAP!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The New Carport

Today was a very busy day! The entire family (almost) got involved in cleaning up the yard and the menfolk took down the old carport that was really rotting away...and put up a new one. Thought y'all might enjoy a bit of family photos...especially since I'm behind the camera! Ha! But, even before these...the above is a fuzzy photo of Brady...he doesn't stay still long enough for me to focus even! He's is walking now...and thinks he is already a big-boy at one year old!

 The old carport is already down in this photo. The work started about four minutes after I got out of bed this the time I had a cup of coffee and remembered to get the camera...the demo part was complete.
 Framing up begins...
 My great niece Ely, who is now two! Gosh time flies, is learning to walk SIL's dog. They are about the right size ratio!
 My niece (Ely's mom) and her three boys tackled the side yard under the cedar tries together...
 Aidan and I drug freshly cut limbs...she sure has grown don't you think? One of my three younger sisters, and Mom are talking about what's left to be done...
 Rita took a break to get photos of the other two sisters...and I'm getting one of all three!
 Anna and Jan has t-shirts made that said "Team Seaman...lifetime member"...cute! (Seaman is my maiden name...for those wondering why not "shaw".)
 See how yucky some of the old wood had gotten...really time for it to come down...
 Here's the new carport...all pretty and well-built. Still needs a coat of paint, but my baby brother will handle that next week.
 Mom's front flower beds are freshly groomed, raked, and mulched...
And a pile of shrub limbs have been carried to the front street...ready for the city to pick up. We still have trash bags full of leaves and other stuff to pull out there...for now...all are home taking a well deserved break!
Hope all of you had a wonderful and productive day as well!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Brady's Britches

In just a few days, little Brady turns one year old! I'm busy today installing gates at the doorways going into the sewing room and into the kitchen! But, yesterday (which was dreaded laundry day) I took the time to make a couple of quick pairs of britches. Brady's Mom asked me to make up some for his birthday photos...where he will get to dig-in (literally!) to his first birthday cake. 
She provided three fabrics...and I added a polka dot that I liked. 
These are reversable...which might be a good thing considering all the cake icing he's sure to get into! I found the pattern available free at danamadeit blog...titled the perfect diaper cover. She has some other cute childrens' outfits with free tutorials too!