Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hello...remember me?

Ha, that's what I feel like saying. It seems that it's been forever since I've really posted about anything associated with my needle-art...but honestly, I've actually be really, really busy. These cabochons are for my friend Maureen...and aren't they so pretty, with a couple of really unusual vintage ones. It was a joy to get back to some beading...and I was so happy to work on these for her. And, she sent me some very pretty cabs of my very own as a thanks...and they'll get beaded sometime. Ha!
I've been extra busy with class projects for StitchMAP and for myself...and those are things that I can't really blog details about...but they do take up a lot of my creative time. I also have a special "secret" project to begin...that can't be shared yet either...and that will drive my muse crazy! But, I have two crazy quilt block in the works...and a third being more about them in the days/weeks to come for sure!
The weather is nice now...and the garden has been mostly that will take up some time soon as well...and I'll take photos of everything I can that's going on to share with you!
Hope y'all are having a great Spring!
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