Friday, September 30, 2011

Need a My Expense?

 You might as family has. Here's why...this flower is growing in Mom's front flower bed.
I walked all the way around there to get photos of it for you...and only noticed afterwards that something just isn't "right" about this flower. It has no leaves on the stem.
My Sister-in-Law Tracy thinks it's hilarious that I actually took pictures of it! (Bet you can guess who "planted" it too!) I was not the only person caught up in this little others in the family also commented on how pretty the flower is. But, I'm the only one (so far) who has actually gotten the camera out to take photos!
Seriously, you just have to laugh at yourself sometimes...


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Christmas Tree Earrings and Pink Spider Necklaces are now Loaded ...

...on the Etsy Shop.  
Please pass the word along for me...Thanks!

Too Early?

 Yesterday, my beads arrived for the spiders...
And check out what else I got too...for making little crystal Christmas Tree earrings!
Aren't these just too cute!
And you know I'll be beading spiders today!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Elvis Has Left the Building...

Well, almost...
If you're old enough to remember this refrain at the end of every Elvis concert (and if you don't know who Elvis is...then you are entirely too young to be talking to me!)'ll understand the meaning.
The Studio will close it's doors tonight at midnight...all will be finished tomorrow.
I'd like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone for their support to the shoppe, and especially during the clearance sale. We have some things left, not a huge amount, but a few if you want to grab what's left today...and I know, I know...the deals were spectacular!! Wish I could have done that for you longer...but all good things have to come to an end sometime!

 And, today is that ending....


Monday, September 26, 2011

Gates and Fences

Here are a couple of gates and fences for your embroidery use. Put these on a crazy quilt block...then add some vines and roses! That's my plan! Enjoy!


Friday, September 23, 2011

Beaded Seams

Here are a few beaded seams finished recently...eye candy anyone?

They aren't completely finished...but close!



I just finished marking down the clearance prices at ShawklDesignStudio...and this is your last chance to get stuff before it is gone!
Thanks to those who are asking "what next"...and here's the scoop! 
The Studio is run by a software package from Intuit, managed by a company called Homestead. It is cumbersome, slow, and does not have it's own inventory controls...unless I buy an expensive upgrade. So, I've decided not to do that...and after the inventory is sold or donated the Studio will simple not exist.
I considered keeping a small inventory...but, that is just money down a rabbit hole because of the monthly fee the software costs.
So, anything I decide to make or supplies I want to carry will be on the Etsy site after the Studio closes. There will be things I'll be buying for myself...and if you can't find something elsewhere...please feel free to email me and perhaps I can help you out in your hunt!


Some Spiders on Etsy Now!--Sold Out Already!!

 Thank you to those of you that admired the Victorian spider yesterday, and asked about purchasing one. I decided to add a few of the larger and more decorative spiders to the Etsy site. 

Here are the ones that are listed there now.


And, if you use Coupon Code BLOG10 you'll get 10% off your order! A thanks to my blog followers!!
Update: Sold Out Already!! Looks like I need to get busy! I have another of the Ruby Pink (last photo above) and I'll post that on the site ASAP...and I'll be beading some more up today of the crystal and blacks. Waiting on more beads for the pink ones!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Beaded Spider Tutorial

 Here are the simple steps to create a large (about 3-4 inches square) beaded spider. The beads used are for the spider shown. The size of beads can be adjusted to fit the size of spider you want to create. These are fun to create! 
 Step One: Find a large bead for the spider body and a slightly smaller one for the head. Here I'm using a 16mm round bead for the body and a 10mm round bead for the head. I also added a 3mm Swarvoski crystal and a crystal rondelle spacer to the back of the body to just add a little more sparkle. 
 You could also add bead caps and a rondelle in the center of the spider if you desired. Place the beads on a flat head pin and twist the end down like a little coil with a pair of jeweler pliers or needle-nose pliers (use the very tip).
 Step Two: Cut 4 long pieces of wire, about 7 inches long each. Use wire that can easily bend and twist. I use from 24-28 gauge and different colors depending on the spider color. Fold the four wires in the middle, creating eight legs.
Step Three: Place the wires between the head and body beads and twist them in the under side. Thinner wire can be twisted once, but thicker wire will only be able to be "pointed" in the opposite direction...without any actual twists. That is the case with this spider, here is what the wire looks like at the underside of the spider.
Step Four: Plan your beads for the legs. Always start with seed beads because the legs will begin by hugging the body and need to have small beads to start. Add larger beads or combination of beads to mimic "joints" in the legs, there will be two of these areas. Then end with seed beads and bugle beads for long slender portions of the legs. For this spider I've used this sequence of beads for front/back legs: 5 seed beads pink, 4mm flat round pink, 6 mm round ivory pearl, 4mm flat round pink, seed bead, bugle bead, seed bead, 5mm rice bead, seed bead, bugle bead, seed bead, bugle bead, seed bead, bugle bead, seed bead, seed bead. The center legs have one less bugle bead and seed bead than the front and back legs..this is optional as all eight legs could be the same.
Step Five: Place the beads on the wire. Cut the end of the wire until you have about 1" of extra wire left. Twist the end like a spiral until it touches the last seed bead placed. Repeat this to complete all eight legs.
Step Six. The spider is finished. You can play around with the placement of legs until you have a realistic pose. I start by pulling all eight legs straight up and putting the spider body flat on the table with the top facing up. Then I bring the middle legs down bending at the "joints" and having the legs at a straight angle out from the body. The front and back legs are done in a similiar manner but are pointed towards the front and back instead of the side. (Note: This spider would hang from it's "head" because that is the coil end of the head pin...if you wanted it to hang down from it's "tail" the head pin would start at the head and be coiled at the tail instead.)
Here is how the spider looks underneath when finished.
So, go find some beads...and wire...and one flat head pin (or use a piece of wire and coil both and head/tail ends)...and create a beaded spider. Have some fun!


Still Making Spiders

Here's the condition of my craft table at the moment...
I'm still making spiders for my sister to take to her co-workers. It's mindless work, and I like it. Except...I got big orange beads to use...and promptly misplaced them in the middle of all this clutter! So, I had to re-order them and I hope the new ones arrive before October!
I'm sure that they are here a very safe place! But, I'm tired of looking for them...

Monday, September 19, 2011

What's the Problem?

 Seems like I'm just running around in circles lately! I'm behind in posting motifs, and just can't seem to get caught up in so many household chores. It's like I just lost 3 days somewhere...and I'm running to get back on track. And, the least little thing just adds to the mix. For example, Aidan and I spent some time this weekend painting lace (with dye) because my lace drawer was very low in options. I had photos all ready to go...but, the computer decided they were "unstable" and needed to be scanned and fixed. In computer lingo...I found that means deleted. Rats! So, you are left with a newly taken photo of my current lace drawer...fatter than before. But, no photos of my precious little Aidan helping Nana paint.