Monday, November 28, 2011

Bullion Roses...Traveling Roses?

These little roses could travel...but, probably will stay at home and find a home on one of my CQ blocks. They are bullion roses I stitched on stabilizer...but not just any stabilizer!
While at the recent Retreat I purchased a roll of Sheer Delight, no show mesh stabilizer...(you can get it at I prepared an embroidery hoop by wrapping a 1" wide strip of felt around-and-around the bottom hoop. That gave it more "grab". Then I cut a piece of the Sheer Delight and started stitching bullion roses.

I was very happy to find that the stabilizer held up to all the needle pokes without tearing. And after the roses were all stitched...I cut them out in little squares of stabilizer. Then I started to trim away the excess from the roses...afraid that at any moment they would just unravel and my tedious work would be gone.

But, it held it's shape...and my little roses are now all safely tucked away...just waiting for the perfect Crazy Quilt project for them to be stitched down. I'll so this with a few well hidden stitches of beading thread. While a lot of roses can be stitched directly to a CQ project; I sometimes want one on top of lace or tucked into a button cluster...and these "independent" little roses will be just the thing for me to use!

Next, I'm gonna try the stabilizer as an addition to building my CQ Blocks! It is super thin...but very strong. So, I figure it can only help!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oh Gosh! What a Hoot!

Saw this on Facebook...and had to share it!