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Kayla's Block

I've been working these past few days (when time allowed) on a round robin block for Kayla. Here are the photos. I'm trying to get used to this new phone from Verizon...and uploading the pictures. The phone is an iPhone4 and has some great features, and takes great photos...but, it does not accept a micro card like my last I'm having to connect the phone via a cable and download one at a is cumbersome. I'm sure that there is a faster way..and I'll find it...but, for now...I'm struggling!
Mary stitched before me. She included the spiderweb, feather stitch plant, some seam trim, and cute little seams as well. My seams tend to be larger, but I think that things are "melting together" pretty nicely so far. Next, Erma works her magic to finish up the block.

There were more images...but they are too blurry to make out. I have to get "re-trained" on this phone camera! Hugs!

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Pin Cushion Design (PCD) - Three

Hope you are not getting bored with these yet...cause, here's another one!
There are two additional symbols in this chart...for different size pearl beads.
This is the easiest one yet to stitch...only Stab Stitch ribbon leaves...Wrapped Stitch ribbon roses. And some free-handed featherstitch (or you could do fly stitches) for accents...done in a thin metallic thread (I used #4 Krenik braid).
As usual, here is the reverse pattern marked for punching out the little red show the placement of the leaves and flowers.
Here is the layout for stitching.
All of the PCD designs use the instructions and placement guides shown on the first tutorial for these pin cushions. And the How-To construction directions are in part 2...of that first page back to that as well.
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Pin Cushion Design (PCD) - Two

I can't seem to stop working on these pin cushions...and my muse is so happy about that! 
Here is the second design for you to stitch up. 
 It has simple Fly-Stitch roses...with French Knot centers. Here, the French Knot and two fly-stitches just below that...are stitched in 7mm silk the same color (purple). End with a third fly stitch in green for the stem....done in 4mm silk ribbon.

 Some ribbon Stab Stitch leaves with 7mm silk ribbon are used to fill in some of the space around the flowers.
A second flower is the embroidered Bullion Flower with French Knot centers. Create this with 8-wrap bullions, using 2 strands of floss. Stitch 4 bullions to create a cross type design...then fill in between these with two additional bullion in each of the four open spaces. The finished flower will have 12 bullions...and a little space left in the center for those French knots (1-3).
This design has dragonfly charms (show as [] in the design), and purple montees. The montees could be substituted by other beads if you don't have them on hand.
 As with the first is a reverse chart...with red dots added to mark the top/bottom of the leaves and the center of the flowers to help in placement.
For the pin cushion tutorial...print these so that the outside circle is about 4 inches. Of course, you can use larger ribbon and print the pattern larger...for pillow tops, framing, etc.

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My Muze Is Easily Distracted...

My list of project to work on is long. Seriously, really...really long! However, my muze does not have a care in the world...and is easily distracted. Yesterday, I received an email from a friend (Hi Jackie!) asking for a good source to purchase silk ribbon. No problem...happy to share. And, that simple note caused my muze to start thinking about silk ribbon and all of the glorious colors in my ribbon drawer. 
 And, yep...could not stop we went to create something in ribbon.
And, while this little pin cushion is not an item on my TO-DO list...I'm going to still have a great use for it as a gift for a friend.
The bottom is felt, the top is a piece of designer fabric, and the ribbons are green/brown silk leaves, wire rayon yellow for the rose, and gathered rayon? for the small flowers. Add some pearl and porcelain rose beads to finish it all off.
The rose is a tied knot center with individually gathered and placed petals.

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Yay! Silk Ribbon Embroidery Course is Here!

With all of the unpacking and laundry yesterday (and I'm still working on the laundry part) was late in the day before I ever got around to opening the mail from the last week. And, look what was waiting for me! The color instruction pages for the Silk Ribbon Embroidery (SRE) Course - Small Scale. These will be used in an upcoming trip to Mississippi to visit and teach again with the Magnolia Quilters Group in Meridian. I'm so looking forward to that trip!
The course will include instruction to complete silk ribbon flowers (wisteria, iris, daffodil, foxglove, rosebuds, climbing rose, buttercup, monarda, rose bush, and tulip). And, I have some other fun things to share and talk about! So glad that these instruction packets, and the Silk Ribbon Embroidery Basic Stitch Guide have all arrived before the class. It's nice to be able to check the big task of "Class Instructions" off of my list!

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