Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pin Cushion Design (PCD) - Three

Hope you are not getting bored with these yet...cause, here's another one!
There are two additional symbols in this chart...for different size pearl beads.
This is the easiest one yet to stitch...only Stab Stitch ribbon leaves...Wrapped Stitch ribbon roses. And some free-handed featherstitch (or you could do fly stitches) for accents...done in a thin metallic thread (I used #4 Krenik braid).
As usual, here is the reverse pattern marked for punching out the little red show the placement of the leaves and flowers.
Here is the layout for stitching.
All of the PCD designs use the instructions and placement guides shown on the first tutorial for these pin cushions. And the How-To construction directions are in part 2...of that first page back to that as well.
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