Monday, June 17, 2019


The Quilt Pattern Magazine is an online resource for all things quilting. They have a lot of patterns available, as well as tutorials so well worth a trip to their site.

This little quilt will be featured in their Spring edition, out in February 2020. It is a simple little nine-patch quilt with only embroidery work on the seams. A perfect project for true beginners! I have hopes to introduce a few of the "traditional quilters" to crazy quilting through this article w/pattern.

Hugs, hope everyone is having a great Monday!

I hope you enjoyed this post…as I like to share my ideas and designs. While I don’t’ have as much time to monitor courses as these past few years…I still like to share a wee little extra for my dedicated followers. Contributors at Patreon get even more, as usually I include a pattern, design, or technique sheet of detailed instructions for that special group of stitching friends. So, if you are a Shawkl Design patron…watch for more little surprises soon!

Patreon is a site where artists of all types (even needle artists) gather and share their ideas and designs. Other lovers of the same art or crafts can help support by making a small monthly contribution…of as little as dollar! It’s possible to give up to $15 a month on my page, and that gets you actual patterns, technique tutorials, and project sheets for my newest creative (and Crazy)

Even at just $1 a month…you get the design motifs and other little surprises I like to add to my Patreon page. I try to add to my Patreon page at least a couple of times during the month, more if my muse really gets busy…just to say thanks for your generosity in supporting my work. So, check out the Patreon Page by clicking on the little button above in the right side bar. 😊

Saturday, June 15, 2019

ICQC-106 is Open for Registration - 15-17 June 2019

This Intermediate level course is about "vintage reproduction" style crazy quilts. We'll be doing a planned block to get the hang of working with silks and fancy fabrics; then you can proceed (with some instructions) to create a large piece that is more organic than planned. So, if you have been wanting to work up a project that is more indicative of 1800's projects...this is the class for you.

No photos...but there will be vintage style seams (no ribbon, no beads, no baubles). Embroidery is best done in silk cording or threads if you have them...but if now, cotton is fine.

Fabrics should be medium to heavy silk (not thin like for blouses); and you can add some light-weight upholstery grade fabrics, cotton, and wool if you like. Try to stay away from "modern" fabrics like dance costume type that are too shiny or too these don't fit the "vintage style" we are striving for in this class.

Interested? If you have completed the BCQC-101 can sign up. Just email me at your name, state/country, and email you want me to use for the class blog (and to send homework tasks if that is different).


Sunday, June 9, 2019

ICQC-103 is Officially Retired

All of the handouts for the Intermediate Crazy Quilt Course-103 are not part of the Yahoo files. It will not be offered again via this blog.

You can download all of the files and work through the tasks at your leisure just by joining the Yahoo Group Shawkl Files (private group to keep down spammers). We are not a "chat" group, but just a place for me to upload the past class files when I'm no longer planning on teaching them.

If you look at the right side bar here on the blog...look for the little rosebud...that is where you click to join the Group. Complete the requested information (email is all I think, maybe your name). Then, Yahoo Groups will send me an email to go approve you request to join.

I'll do that...and you'll get an email with link to get to the site.

Go to "Files" and download all of the things that interest you.

Have fun!

Saturday, June 8, 2019

On-Site SRE Class... 6 August 2019

What: Silk Ribbon Embroidery Class
Where: Newton, Alabama @ Willowtree Quilts Studio
Cost: $60 (includes all supplies and lunch)
When: 6 August 2019 (Saturday) 9 a.m. -- 4 p.m.

We'll be doing silk ribbon leaves, various roses, iris, tulip, hyacinth, and butterflies. These will be practiced and we'll be creating two little organizational FELT Thimble Holder and a little TIN with felt lining for pins or what-not.

So, if you are in the Newton area...send me an email so I can add you to the reservations for the class. Then, I'll get some directions to you via Willowtree. Email for me is (don't forget the "dot" between my last/first name.


Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Felt Thimble Holders

Sweet little embroidery holders made from felt to hold special thimbles, or just keep your well used one from getting lost! Attach a little ring or clip and you can secure these to a Chatalaine, sewing bag, etc.

 I shared  photo of these last week on Instagram, but have been creating a variety of these for a couple of years now as gifts and items for the Etsy shop (when I have time).

These little plastic containers are great for creating several Thimble Holders because they are of uniform size, so no "math" every time...just repeat the original dimensions over and over again. 

But, special containers are not needed...just walk around the house looking for tall lids. Here are a couple of bottles of mouth wash, a slender can of hair spray, and a spray adhesive. Each lid would work to create the container for the thimble. All that is needed is to cover each in felt and attach a lid!

How you adorn the outside is really a personal choice. 

Hint: If you have the new Stunning Stitches for Crazy Quilts book....there are loads of seams in there that will work beautifully around the outside of a thimble holder! If you don't it yet, check it out at C&T Publications or on

Happy Stitching!