Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Embroidery JOY

 My latest little design is a crayola project with embroidery. Designed it to be quick...but that is back to the drawing board. 

My local quilt guild is "Joy Quilters"...so thinking this might end up as a pocket on a tote bag perhaps?

Now, I just have to hunt through the stash for enough and the correct color of fabric for the bag itself. Wanta take bets on whether or now I have to go fabric shopping? Ha!

Wool SEW Quilt Blocks


Isn't this a pretty pattern? I thought so, and signed up for the "most expensive quilt every made" as each month was almost $40 for block pattern, shipping, fabric bits and pieces. Notice how it says "IN WOOL" at the top?

Working on the blocks over the past few months...and just now getting them finished.

So, not have all blocks finished and open up the last month's package (backing fabric and border fabric)...and THOSE THREAD BLOCKS are not wool but cotton! Am totally disappointed and honestly, feeling a little bit ripped off. But, I like the blocks...and will finish the quilt differently than their pattern. Will also make the cotton spool blocks into a smaller wall hanging. But, WILL NOT EVER purchase or sign up for a block of the month from these folks again. There, I have put my intentions in writing...and am sticking to my plan!

Fig Strawberry Jam

 Last week, my SIL and I went to pick figs...lady offered them and said "bush is loaded down". Well, it was...with mostly green ones. So disappointed. We got a good Cool Whip bowl full.

There is a lot of "empty" in that pot! But, still was enough for 3 small jars full.

One for me, one for Mom, and one for SIL!

Friday, August 5, 2022

Beautiful Kentucky and Sweetest Friends

 My bestie Sharon drove up from south Alabama to go with me to a teaching gig in Elizabethtown Kentucky last week.

Love this photo...now doesn't she look like one fun gal? She is so sweet!

We had a great time on Wednesday night at the lecture/trunk-show with the entire quilt guild. No photos...but we totally enjoyed the visit. Then, on Friday/Saturday a few ladies joined me for some personal instruction.

Their 2nd VP (Vonnie) had everything organized wonderfully..and everyone had a great time. They even got through most of the embellishment phase. Well done ladies!

Thanks Vonnie for sending me the photos too...as I was too busy with teaching to remember to even take a single shot!