Monday, September 20, 2010

Basically Beaded-Diane

Last week, I received a block from Diane to bead. We are in a round robin on Crazy Quilter's International Yahoo Group titled Basically Beaded.

Usually, I try to work on things in order...the "hottest" gets my attention first! But, I just could not wait! The block was pretty...and calling to me!

So I went right to work and was done in two days! Now, it will hang in my sewing room until closer to time to mail out next month. Geez, I hope I don't forget it!

And, since we all love seeing are close up photos of each seam.
 The grapes were done with various size (2mm-4mm) glass beads. The vine is seed beads in purple/blue, and the leaves are glass.

The green drop garland is mostly Swarvoski crystal...rounds, bicones, and drops. Accented with glass stars and seed beads.

This is the first seam I stitched...seed beads, bugle beads, glass flowers, and Swarvoski crystal bicones and slides to accent.

Chandelier findings showcase seed beads and glass flowers of varied types.

I could stitch the entire block! And, really had to make myself stop! The colors of the block are especially suited to lot's of color...and I think it will be stunning once everyone in our group has beaded their part. I just can't wait to see what the next block in the Robin looks like!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bling everywhere!

It has been a really busy week for me. I have had the granddaughter early every day, and all day on Saturday. She takes a lot of my time (which I love) but it does put me behind in my computer duties...which are many! My Daughter goes to first shift, temporarily, for the next couple of weeks...which means that I get to pick Aidan up from school each I'm gonna get further behind in computer if I don't get moving! (Sorry Shari)

I manage to stitch and bead with DGD in the teaching her to make things, supervising her "artistic creations", and judging imaginary dress-up contests and such. A grandmother's job is tiring...but more rewarding than any other I have ever had or wanted for that matter!

The easiest thing for me to accomplish with the "Diva" in attendance seems to be beading and CQ work. So, that's what got done this week. For some, I'm right on time...while others are early! I'll save the CQ work for later because I don't have photos of that yet.

First up, some beaded cabochons for a friend. This one will be a brooch once I glue on the tie tac stem.

The next is a drop for a necklace. She has a gold chain from which this will hang. Hope you like them Eileen!

Then, I have a whole batch of dog collars finished. Woot! woot! Some are in colors of the local universities...University of Alabama (Ranked #1 College Team right now) and the local Jacksonville State University are both RED/WHITE...

Auburn University, the other great campus in out ORANGE/BLUE.
Then, some everyday collars...for the stylish pet!

And, lastly...some extra small collars for cats and teacup variety pets.

A special thanks to my friend, Talia, for getting me interested in Swarvoski crystals! I'm having a blast with these Talia...wish you were hear to help me wire these up!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A little bit country and a little bit rock n' roll!

Remember that tune? Well, that's what I thought of as I took photos of my latest stitching. It's a real hodge-podge of things.

First off...the country segment!! A cross-stitch Christmas ornament of a snow lady. I received a kit from a dear friend, and decided to stitch it up as a hang tag to go on a Christmas package for a friend.
Now, for a little of the Rock 'n' Roll. First up is a new cabochon. I'm calling this one Crystal Blue Waters because of the aquablue seed beads and crystals around the ABstyle crystal cabochon. I like it, and it is about the size of a good for lot's of things.

And, lastly...another R&R tune! I just recently signed up to participate in a crazy quilt round robin on the Crazy Quilters International Yahoo Group titled Basically Beaded. My block will be passed around to others in the same Round Robin team to stitch on. And, I'll get their blocks to work on as well. I decided to do a basic white/cream block as the base for all the beading...and let the beads be the "color". I stitched a portion of the block this morning (okay, spend most of the day on it)...and am just forcing myself to stop stitching so the other ladies can work on it too! I'm so excited about this will be so much fun!
Here's the beginning of my block.
 There is a little bit of everything in my beading cabinet on this I think! Pearls, jewelry links, crystal butterflies, porcelain flowers, charms, rondelle spacers, seed beads, rocailles, montees', tons of Swarvoski crystals, and one of my Magic Mirror cabochons! It is opulent and I love it!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

English Garden Pin Cushion

I've had a pattern for a strawberry pincushion for a while, and thought I try my hand at making one for a friend. Now I'm hooked! Love the much so, that I'm going to make a few up for the Studio as well.

I have several really pretty fabrics with cabbage style roses, so each will have an English Garden type of feel.

If you want to make your own...the pattern is from Crabapple Hill, and is titled #811 Vintage Strawberry Pincushion. The little strawberry is filled with emery, and is a little cumbersome to work up...but the larger one is more manageable in size.

I'm going to do a Princess version as well, with white satin fabric and dangling beads/crystals! What about that! It will be a little more costly because of the bling factor...and I probably won't do a many of it...but every princess needs a special pin cushion!! (Ha, I should do a DIVA one in honor of Aidan!!)

Hope ya'll are having a great day! The weather here is lovely today...and I have all of the windows open!