Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bling everywhere!

It has been a really busy week for me. I have had the granddaughter early every day, and all day on Saturday. She takes a lot of my time (which I love) but it does put me behind in my computer duties...which are many! My Daughter goes to first shift, temporarily, for the next couple of weeks...which means that I get to pick Aidan up from school each I'm gonna get further behind in computer if I don't get moving! (Sorry Shari)

I manage to stitch and bead with DGD in the teaching her to make things, supervising her "artistic creations", and judging imaginary dress-up contests and such. A grandmother's job is tiring...but more rewarding than any other I have ever had or wanted for that matter!

The easiest thing for me to accomplish with the "Diva" in attendance seems to be beading and CQ work. So, that's what got done this week. For some, I'm right on time...while others are early! I'll save the CQ work for later because I don't have photos of that yet.

First up, some beaded cabochons for a friend. This one will be a brooch once I glue on the tie tac stem.

The next is a drop for a necklace. She has a gold chain from which this will hang. Hope you like them Eileen!

Then, I have a whole batch of dog collars finished. Woot! woot! Some are in colors of the local universities...University of Alabama (Ranked #1 College Team right now) and the local Jacksonville State University are both RED/WHITE...

Auburn University, the other great campus in out ORANGE/BLUE.
Then, some everyday collars...for the stylish pet!

And, lastly...some extra small collars for cats and teacup variety pets.

A special thanks to my friend, Talia, for getting me interested in Swarvoski crystals! I'm having a blast with these Talia...wish you were hear to help me wire these up!

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Teresa Quilts said...

Kathy, I have a question. Is there a tutorial on here or another site that you know of that teaches how to make these cabochons? I would love to know how to do these and where you get your supplies. Thanks!