Sunday, April 30, 2017

Whew, What a Weekend!

Honestly, I'm pooped!
Daughter had lower back surgery the first of this month; so I've been trying to help out as much as possible....while living more than an hour from her. I've made two trips this month to pick up the grand-daughter (giving Mom a break) and have carried frozen meals each time.
So, this is a "weekend of cooking" as my grand-daughter was picked up Friday afternoon. So far, in the freezer are large containers stacked...and labeled. The weather is going to be bad this afternoon and early evening...high winds, rain, tornado warning. So, Aidan will be "staying" one more day...and missing a school day tomorrow...because Nana is not driving in this mess. She has 13 days of school left this, I'm not overly worried about missing one day (and it is a no-test day). Yeah...all you teachers go ahead and write me...but, I won't be changing my mind. I'm not driving in this stuff!
Anyway, I've been busy cooking Stuffed Pasta Shells with Sauce (3 lg); Cheesy Ranch Noodle Casserole (2 lg); Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole (3 med); Chili (2 lg); Spaghetti Noodle Bake Casserole (2 lg); Beef Stew (1 lg); Broccoli Potato Bacon Cheddar Casserole (2 lg); and Potato Salad. 

I'm considering pumpkin pies and carrot cake...but am too tired to stir anything else. So, they will wait until tomorrow morning...and may magically turn into cupcakes instead. :)

Also, keeping up with registrations for the latest BCQC-1...which has over 80 ladies signed up! I love large groups...they are so much more fun! (and work). But, who is afraid of a little extra work when it comes to crazy quilting! NOT ME! Hugs to all...I'm going to take a nap!



Friday, April 21, 2017

One of THOSE days...

Have spent 3+ hours looking for a file on this computer. Not in any of the "places" it should be...but I know I would not have deleted, that means that I was not paying attention...and it SAVED into a folder that I had been in immediately before. Now...which folder? There are only about 400 on this computer (and over 56,000 photo I'm serious!).
Then, took a break...went to Pinterest to relax. Got "pulled in" by the idea of changing over to a business account...then changed my mind half way so deleted the "request"...and found that it actually deleted my entire Pinterest account. Now, have to hope they can help and get me back...or I have lost years of photos/albums.
Think I'll just go back to bed.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Challenge - 2018 Calendar Contest

Are you working on a block for the 2018 Calendar Contest? If you have forgotten, it's all about musicals! You have the opporunity to get really creative!
Photos are due May 31st so you still have time.

Here are the guidelines again

I'm looking forward to seeing some very fun blocks!


Monday, April 17, 2017

Celebrate the little things...

Some of you know that I've been really "cranky" about the new Blogger it makes my life much harder. Well, I've found a simple way to "overcome" the limitations. It won't mean much to you perhaps...but, if you have a lot of blogs might need this tip.

First, the problem:
Prior to the new blogger platform...all of the blogs were listed on the left by order of last, this made it easy to "check" everyones progress in the courses. I didn't have to be concerned about "missing a post" as the blog name would be at the top. 
AFTER the platform changed, only the "3 newly posted" blogs were at the top. Every other blog is listed alphabetically. So, if there were four blogs with new posts...I never knew about that 4th one automatically. Instead, I had to go down the alphabetic listing and open every blog to see if there were any comments. And there are 40-50 that takes some time. Just scrolling up/down to find the 2017 Class blogs takes a little time.

But, I have found a way to help a little. While I can't change the platform... I have gone in and added a little " ` " symbol to the name of the newer class blogs (2017 classes). So, instead of having to scroll down through all 40-50 of my blogs...I can see these at the top of the list and more quickly "click and check" for new comments. It's a way to "get around" the Alpha listing ranking putting all of the 2017 courses "first".
A simple thing...but it makes my life easier. And, that surely makes me smile. So, for today...I'm celebrating the "small things". :)