Thursday, July 13, 2017

Floral & Roses Traditional Block - Marcy's Block

Today, I finished my work on Marcy's block in the Floral & Traditional Round Robin over in the Crazy Quilting International group on Facebook. I followed Lydia, who had already done the area across the top of the block. Here is what I decided to do...and why:

I began by adding lace motifs. The center of the block has such a large area of floral print (which I'm guessing Marcy wants to keep and not hide) that it needs something to balance that size against. The lace is at the bottom left, the upper right, and the upper left.

Since Lydia has already worked in the upper left area (where the lace needed to go to balance against the other two pieces) I decides to extend her motif visually by tucking smaller bits of lace up into the area. This pulls the eye over the top and down that side following Lydia's work and ending with the lace pieces. I tucked a little silk ribbon butterfly between the lace pieces to tie them to the silk ribbon work Lydia has included above them.
Next, was seam work. I choose the top seam and the long side seam on the left side. The first seam includes the "prongs" that I'm know for stitching as I love their look. The large flowers are actually "stacked sequins" with a tiny center bead to hold all of them together. Then, the space has a sweet little Fargo Rose with leaves to soften up all of those metallic/plastic sequins.
Lastly was a wavy seam with little flowers and the tiniest of sequins which just sparkle in the light, but don't really draw attention to themselves otherwise. Here too is a ribbon butterfly filling the space between this seam and Lydia's work.
So, here is my finished area of work. There is a 3rd silk ribbon butterfly...can you find it?