Thursday, May 4, 2017

Windy, Breezy, Sleepy...

Sounds like a group of cartoon characters...but instead, adjectives for my day!  Woke around 3:30 a.m. to the sound of loud popping, cracking, and was so windy out that the aluminum siding at the back of the apartment was quivering with wind whipping under it. As the headboard of my bead is on this wall...the sound woke me up.

Then, I woke the dog...and he realized it was up on the bed he came. Normally this is not his place of sleep, but I allow it if it is stormy...poor thing just shakes with fear. So, there we lay listening to the wind...trying to go back to sleep...when the lights went out. No electricity...and it began to get humid and hot as the HVAC unit was also now off.

As I tossed and turned (only having half the bed now to do that in)...finally just gave up and got up. It was light out, and the trees were just swaying in the winds. So, I opened all of the windows that I could (the ones that don't have furniture in front of them, but that's story for another day)...and the breeze was great.

But, with no electricity...there was no phone, no internet, no television, no radio...just the charge on my I began to read. That didn't last long, as I was too tired to concentrate. 

So, I when outside to see the damage. My fear was that the huge old pecan tree in the front yard might have lost some large limbs OR that one of the vehicles may have gotten some damage. But, thankfully, all was good. The yard was littered everywhere with small leafy twigs and tiny branches but no large objects. The rugs were blown off the porch and some flower pots turned over.

I went next door to check on Mother and my Sister-in-law...and visited a bit. Then I went back upstaires (home) to empty the dishwasher. That I could accomplish without electricity. The house was much cooler now that a breeze was blowing through the windows.

So, went back to bed! The dog came too. :)

The electricity was out for about eleven hours...and the cable/internet a couple of hours more. So, it has been a relaxing and almost non-productive day.