SRE-Basic Stitch Guide

I have found that there are several different techniques and stitches in silk ribbon embroidery that are common to creating many different flowers, baskets, etc. Therefore, I have created a guide for distribution
to my students during my silk ribbon classes.

Why not share it? So, here you are...if you are needing just some basic guidelines...that are are welcome to print the guide out. You are also welcome to save a copy of the pdf formatted file on your computer.

What you are not allowed to do is SALE or ALTER the guide in any way.

Teachers are welcome to copy the guide for use in their own silk ribbon classes. No need for special permission, as I have just given that to you and the copyright on each page indicates it is mine.

The illustrations are in color, but the guide prints just fine for black/white too.

Please do not pass these illustrations and instructions off as your own...they took me days to
draw and get written. (Sadly, there are folks who think this is I have to say this.)

And...while I would appreciate you're sharing about my is not required that you do that in order to use the guide.

Follow this link to download the Adobe PDF File: Shawkl_SRE_Stitch_Guide

Please let me know if you enjoy it...and perhaps there will be enough incentive to create more freebies like this one.



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