Thursday, October 25, 2018

A Must Have for Stitching..

There are two things that I consider "MUST HAVE" for stitching...and they might surprise you. First is a good pair of reading glasses...and there are dozens at my house in varied strengths, because each has a specific purpose. I had Lasik surgery a few years back so my vision is now 20/10...which is excellent for walking around, driving, etc. but not so good for reading, computer work, or stitching. But, rather than the $300 plus glasses I did wear before surgery...I know buy dozens of pairs of reading glasses at the Dollar Tree for $1 each.

The second "MUST HAVE" is a good light. A magnification light is even better than having a standard lamp when I'm stitching tiny motifs.

This is my lamp, it's the LightView ProXL model from Brightech. You may have heard of this company, but I have to say that I had not...but loved the look of this specific light and the fact that is was a 2 in 1 model. It has a section that is removable, making it shorter...and suitable for sitting on a table; or left in the lamp is an excellent floor height.

As you can see, it works wonderfully next to my recliner. This is where I stitch most afternoons or evenings.  I have a standard lamp for reading, but need the extra light my magnification lamp provides for stitching. Especially for beading!

If you'd like to check out this lamp (or other house/craft lamps) from is the link:

While they have various models, and I'm sure that they are all good options depending on what you are some things about this model that I like:

… the base is really heavy, but also has an extra "stabilization" bar to keep it from wanting to tip over.

… the arms are jointed firmly so I can move the lamp head even slightly and it stays there...doesn't want to "droop" as with some previous lamps I've owned.

… the magnification LED light is large enough for me to see what I'm working on clearly. Here is the light with the mirror closed.

… and here is the light with the mirror opened.

...the view is clear.

So, if you are in the market for a great magnification light...check this and the other models out at the link above.

10/25/18 Edited to add:
"Still loving this magnification lamp! So heavy, never tips over...great light!"


Sunday, October 14, 2018

Hexagon Quilt Nearing Completion

The Hexagon Quilt if nearing completion. I have the "partial side blocks" added and the basic border on. Now, I'm adding the first layer of lace trim. Then, I'll add more beads, etc. to sections in the center...maybe a few more seams. I like to let the project "speak to me", we'll see where that leads.
Sewing down lace can be calming...and boring. ;)

Friday, October 12, 2018

ANNOUNCEMENT: Crazy Quilting Retreat Sign-up

1st Annual Crazy Quilting Retreat
"Stitching Crazy"
8 -- 11 February 2019
Arrive Friday afternoon, depart Monday morning

$325 per person ($100 deposit/$225 final payment)
Includes ALL Lodging and Food Costs
Includes 2 lectures/classes by myself (Silk Ribbon Class for sure, the other is still be "thought about)
Includes plenty of free time for one-on-one instruction
Includes plenty of free time for stitching your own projects (or working to finish the class projects).

I'm certainly open to any ideas for the last class...or anything you'd like to share.
I want this to be fun as well as informative!

Space is limited (21 folks maximum). Must pay deposit to hold a spot. 

Payment should be made via PayPal to

Final deposit payments due by 12 November 2018.
Final total payments due by 12 January 2019

Travel is participants responsibility

Location: The Red Rooster Retreat
Address: 2140 Cty Rd 870, Crane Hill, Alabama 35053

I hope you can come and join me...especially you Southern ladies that can drive. Crane Hill is located near Cullman, it's easier to find that on a map. ;)

(10/12/18) EDITED TO ADD:

Here is a list of the Attendees with deposits paid, so their space is reserved:

1. Kathy Shaw
2. Paula Brown
3. Ron Brown
4. Sharron Abrams
5. Diane Conine
6. JanDee Abraham
7. Diana Abraham
8. Kathy Billings
9. Cindi Renaldo
10. Elizabeth Isam
11. Carol Ann White
12. Debbie Lay
13. Pam Naugher (pending)
14. Thearica Burroughs
15. Lydia Talton
16. Michael Talton
17. Kay Ecker