Thursday, October 25, 2018

A Must Have for Stitching..

There are two things that I consider "MUST HAVE" for stitching...and they might surprise you. First is a good pair of reading glasses...and there are dozens at my house in varied strengths, because each has a specific purpose. I had Lasik surgery a few years back so my vision is now 20/10...which is excellent for walking around, driving, etc. but not so good for reading, computer work, or stitching. But, rather than the $300 plus glasses I did wear before surgery...I know buy dozens of pairs of reading glasses at the Dollar Tree for $1 each.

The second "MUST HAVE" is a good light. A magnification light is even better than having a standard lamp when I'm stitching tiny motifs.

This is my lamp, it's the LightView ProXL model from Brightech. You may have heard of this company, but I have to say that I had not...but loved the look of this specific light and the fact that is was a 2 in 1 model. It has a section that is removable, making it shorter...and suitable for sitting on a table; or left in the lamp is an excellent floor height.

As you can see, it works wonderfully next to my recliner. This is where I stitch most afternoons or evenings.  I have a standard lamp for reading, but need the extra light my magnification lamp provides for stitching. Especially for beading!

If you'd like to check out this lamp (or other house/craft lamps) from is the link:

While they have various models, and I'm sure that they are all good options depending on what you are some things about this model that I like:

… the base is really heavy, but also has an extra "stabilization" bar to keep it from wanting to tip over.

… the arms are jointed firmly so I can move the lamp head even slightly and it stays there...doesn't want to "droop" as with some previous lamps I've owned.

… the magnification LED light is large enough for me to see what I'm working on clearly. Here is the light with the mirror closed.

… and here is the light with the mirror opened.

...the view is clear.

So, if you are in the market for a great magnification light...check this and the other models out at the link above.

10/25/18 Edited to add:
"Still loving this magnification lamp! So heavy, never tips over...great light!"


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