Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ya'll are Too Smart for Me!

Yep...Shari is the lady in the last post! She came to spend a couple of days in my neck of the woods...after leaving the Texas Relief Effort donations in Bastrop...and before heading off to dear hubby's homestead north of here. I certainly don't mind being a "stop over" it gives us a chance to meet (other than over the internet) and we are spending our time wisely...working on more StitchMAP courses! I know that those ladies will be GLAD to hear that!
Sssshhh....don't tell Shari that I took her picture!

Want to Guess?

Who is this? ...and What is she doing?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Butterflies & Dragonflies Begins

Got my block pieced today for the CQI Round Robin "Butterflies and Dragonflies" which mails out on March 15th. I love pastels!

TAST #7 - Detached Chain

Just in time to start next weeks...I finished this week!
Edited: Okay I screwed up some..."detached" means just that. and the bottom two rows of stitching are NOT detached. But, hey...that's okay.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

CQJP and Butterfly Finished

Got my white block for February CQJP 2012 completed AND got all those little strings tied in on my beaded butterfly submission for BJP 2012 as well. Whew!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Let's SWAP 50-cents Worth...Open to ALL!

There have been a ton of Dresden Plate Quilt posts flooding the internet lately...and I'm itching to do some blocks myself. So, thought some of you might be in the mood to. Let's swap some we all have a great selection.

 This is a centralized swap. Everything comes to me...and I sort and swap and mail back to you.
 You can swap in one, two, three, or all four of these categories:

LIGHT (light prints or solids, some could read medium)

BRIGHTS (need sunglasses to view! prints or solids)

 DARKS (dark prints or solids, some could read medium)

UGLIES (whatever color or style you consider ugly)

We are swapping ONE SET of TEN DIFFERENT 5-inch squares...otherwise known as "nickles"...hence the "50-cent Worth" title...get it?...10 nickles = 50 cents...okay, whatever....hugs! Every square must be a different fabric in the set. You can send as many sets as you want to receive back. BUT, if they do not fit the'll get your OWN back!!!
(Good Quality means that you can's see through it...and the weave is nice and tight)
100% Cotton means just poly blends or other types
Fabrics do not have to be we can use pre-cut nickles
Send me an email letting me know you will be playing
This information will not be shared with anyone!
1. Determine what Categories you want to swap in
 1. Cut one 5" square of 100% Good Quality Cotton Fabric from TEN DIFFERENT fabrics in your chosen category (lights, brights, darks, or ugly style fabric colors)
2. Put the 10 squares into a baggie (sandwich baggie is fine) and include a piece of paper with your name and the category written on it. (Example: Kathy Shaw PASTEL)
3. You can prepare as many "baggies" as you want to swap
4. If your baggies do not follow the rules they will be returned. If we do not have enough folks swapping for the number of baggies you send, you might get some of your own back.
I will sort and re-send baggies of 5" squares back to you.
THEN, we'll get busy making some wonderful Dresden Plate Quilt Blocks...or you can use the "nickles" any way you want!
Donations for Return Postage are appreciated...but not mandatory.
Want to play...send me an email!
(shaw dot kathy at yahoo dot mail) 

 If this BLOG Swap works out well...we will do some more of them. If you have any ideas...I'd be happy to hear those as well.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ever Seen a Hairy Butterfly?

That's what I've got! Really, this little gal is fresh off of the bead first attempt! Now, I have to weave all of these threads back into the beads and trim.
Here's a closeup...she will be my post for BJP February when completed.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

HGTV BOM #2 Done

Finished piecing Section #2 of the HGTV Message Board Group's BOM. And here is how it looks along side of Section #1.
 Thinking that I'm going to like it when done...even though I have no ideas right now of the pattern. It's allowing me to use up a lot of my scraps however, and that's a good thing!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Any Idea What This Is?

What if I show you a smaller one too?
Yep, bead looms! I can't wait to get some time to work with the larger one..but for now, I'm helping Aidan the baby loom is busy! 
 She's starting to get it...and about 1/3 of this work is hers! It takes a lot of patience for her!
BTW, these particular looms are made in the USA by BeadandBeadLooms. I found their prices to be reasonable and their workmanship is just great!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

UFO - Done!

It is great to get an UnFinished Object finally completed! And, especially when it has been sitting in a dresser drawer for two years!...Yep, I admit it...two years! Oh please...that's not AT ALL my oldest UFO. But, that is an entirely different post...for another day! This quilt top is a shadow applique Christmas In July design that I created for HGTV Ladies ...and when the class was over...just didn't finish it by adding the last two borders. So, is done and ready to head off to the machine quilter for quilting!
Woot! Woot!
Oh, if you want to create this quilt yourself...the patterns are FREE, and loaded in the files section of the Shawkl_Blog_Files Yahoo Group site. Enjoy!

Darlene's Wine Continues

I managed to get a little more stitched on the Wine Round Robin this week. A little "D" for Darlene, complete with a Swarvoski crystal bicone grape cluster.
 And added some sequins and bead grapes to the fabric motif already on the block. Next....a few seams!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Did You Miss The Boat?....

Wow, I just stocked 6 of these buttons on my Etsy site...and as of today...they are all gone!
I hope the next time I order buttons...there are some of this style back in I can get more for ya'll!
That was a fast emptying of my shelf!!...but, they are should not come as a surprise. Just sorry that I didn't list only five...and keep one for myself!

Happy Valentines Day

I've been working on some heart applique blocks...and today seems a great day to post a photo. You can see that I have a few to get no chocolate for me today! I have to finish stitching these down to their background squares...and them trim up to size.
 I use the "freezer paper" is what I stated with and for simple shapes like this heart...the one I gravitate to for the best results.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Wine Round Robin Begins for Darlene

Just getting started on my work for Darlene in the CQI Round Robin "Wine". Isn't this a really pretty block to work on! The colors are not as in the photo...the "blue" is really very dark purple.
 My first element is a bunch of grapes. They are felt circles sewn down with blanket stitch. The little leaves are trimmed from velvet craft leaves, and the little curly vines are DMC Color Infusion memory thread that has been curled around a large needle to make tight little spiral springy vines.
I'll be back when I have more done....

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Midnight Fantasy Finished for Cathy L.

My portion of the Midnight Fantasy Round Robin block for Cathy L. is finished. I've added some ground cover floral at the "foot" of the large purple flowers...and some ants climbing up a stem. Thanks to Allie A. for "how to" on the ants!
And, because no little girl should go out at midnight without a protector...even a fairy...I've sent her along with her little Teddy. (And, if you want to learn how to do Soft Sculpture Applique, I have a class open now over at Maureen's Vintage Acquisitions).
Here's the entire finished section.It's ready to go into the mail.
Also, I would like to add...if you want to participate in some really fun Round Robins, you should go to Yahoo Groups...and check out Crazy Quilting International. A great bunch of ladies!
This won't mail out until the end of the I can show it off to friends until then!

Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm dancing in buttons...

 Gorgeous buttons arrived yesterday...and I loaded them on my Etsy Shop this morning. Check these new arrivals out!
 I have been waiting and waiting to get some of the small cobalt buttons...but they are always out of stock. But, not I have ten to share!

These are the new designs..and the glass is so carved it is just the aurora borealis colors!

And, check out these gorgeous flowers. Each petal is etched in the glass and a tinsy tiny little gold stem and trim accent the delicate looking flower. I got them in white/pink, peridot green, and aurora borealis colors...
Just gorgeous...
...but aren't ALL handmade glass buttons that way...gorgeous! I could just sit and stare at them all day long! Beautiful!
If have never treated yourself to a Czech Glass Button..really, you should...every woman should own a button this pretty.
And, they also make beautiful brooches if you turn them into a cabochon (cut the shank off) and bead the edge. 
Don't know how to convert a button, edge with beads, and create a brooch?
 Well, I have a class being offered over at Maureen's Vintage Acquisitions...and you can learn. She has all the supplies a handy little kit. So, no need to hunt all over town for cabochons and it also includes one of my Czech Glass Buttons too!