Thursday, February 25, 2021

Changes to Class Schedule...and to my Life!

Please note that I have changed the Course Calendar Schedule. Some additional dates have been added to existing courses; but dates for new courses have been bumped back a couple of months.

I need that extra time to get my life back on track since the kids have moved out. The embroidery and patchwork patterns are done for all 3 of the advanced courses; but the "stitching" is not finished so I'm progressing through the photo taking phase...then, I have to finish the writing; edit and organize the class. So, not going to get the first one done by mid March for sure. Therefore, adjustments are needed.

Presently, in the middle of re-arranging all of the furniture to give me some more sewing room. Hope to also get a spot to be able to shoot some short video segments. While that will take a while, it will need to be considered in the final placement of all of this "stuff". At present all of my lighting and tripods are just in a pile in the corner.

There is still a lot of organizational effort to be done...but I can finally actually sew on a table larger than a tv-tray. So, yeah for me! Plus I have a little ironing surface right next to that!

My crazy quilt world will be in the original sewing room...(above was the "old" bedroom). The supply cabinets are overflowing so have set up some temporary shelves to help with the organization.

Some areas in each room have been settled into about 80% okay...have some cabinets situated...and re-stocked. Have some organization in both sewing rooms, bedroom/study, and office.

And walk on the other sides of these rooms to see the mess that still needs to be sorted, organized, and stored. 

All of this had a half-way organized home two years ago before the kids moved back home unexpectedly. Glad that they now have their own place situated (took way more time than we thought). If you were/are in the Quilt Guild with me...I've been saying "I live in a storage building" for months now. You might be able to imagine the 100% truth of that statement if you look at these photos and consider that up until two weeks ago...there was also: 2 twin beds, another recliner, 1 queen bed, 3 more grownups with their "stuff", and a newborn in this space as well!

Let me tell you...I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown...and then add COVID to that mix! It's truly a wonder I'm not crazier than I already naturally am! So, it's a huge breath of fresh air to me to even see some floor.

This is my entrance and galley kitchen...without boxes, baby swing/walker, and totes in the pathway. 

Anyhow, none of this constant activity, immense clutter, and "life drama" has been really conducive for me to be write...or even to sew since the machine had to rest on a tv-tray. I'm way behind on the things I wanted to get rather than rush through finishing the Stumpwork Course and it be dis-organized, with little photos...and totally not what I'm envisioning...I'm moving it out a few more weeks. Which moves others back a few weeks too. Not too many....just enough to give me some time to finish the writing; stitch the models and get those photos shot. It will still take long days, but I'm renewed with more energy and drive to make it happen now.

Those of you coming to the Stitching Crazy Retreat in July know I have those projects on my list of things to get accomplished in this upcoming 90-days timeframe as well. So, that's my crazy life right now...hope your life is also getting back on track with the start of this New Year. (Also hope you live in a place larger than a small upstairs garage apartment like me...consider your blessings if you do.) Just saying...but, it is smack next door to my Mom and a 10 minute drive from my daughters new am not complaining about the location...just need some "room stretchers".