TEMPLATE Downloads

Here are links to the Template PDF documents for my books:

Workbook "Embellishing Crazy Quilts" -

Crazy Quilting Volume III - "Fancy Seam Designs" -

Stunning Stitches:

Just click the link and save the pdf file to your computer for printing on vellum.


Esther J Moehrke said...

Thank you for the templates. I just got my CQ Volume 3 in the mail today. Such a great book.


Tammy Miller said...

What do you recommend for the holes? A hole punch or an awl? Or do you have another idea?

Cathy T said...

Thank you for the templates. These are really nice and much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

I wish to purchase the ready made templates seen in your STUNNING STITCHES FOR CRAZY QUILTS book. Several of your templates are available at Creative Impressions but I’m not clear on which contain the templates that are featured in this book. Would you please guide me?

Shawkl said...

The original and the mini template sets are designed as STITCH templates, and work with the Stunning Stitches book. The 3rd set, based on SHAPES works best with the newest More Stunning Stitches book. All sets work with Dazzling Diamonds, which also include pages for scan and print to water soluble. Hope this information helps to clarify.