Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Teddy Bear Tutorial

 I'm busy cooking...but wanted to share a little friend with you today!

This is a little teddy bear I stitched on a friend's crazy quilt heart. He is about 1 1/2 inches tall and is really cute. And, he was not too difficult to do! Really, he wasn't.
Of course, it would be best to try a little larger version first...so, here is a tutorial if you want to give this dimensional technique a try.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cross-stitch Butterfly #1

I'm really liking this Cross-stitch software! So, here's a chart for you...technically, I think this is a moth...but I still love the colors!
Here's the symbols for Butterfly #1...and next the color chart.
 I'm off to find a good photo of Buddy...to see if I can chart him. I might need a new photo however!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Birthday Celebration!

And we're going to have a Give-A-Way to Celebrate It! All make it pretty simple...cause I'm just too old (and too full of turkey!) to make it very complicated! But, let's make it fun too!

To keep the postage costs down...the prize will be soft...as in embroidery threads, lace, silk ribbon, silk threads...etc. The twist is that there will be FIFTY SIX items!! So, celebrate my birthday with me by posting a comment...and you could be the winner!!

The rules: (1) Comment must include a way for me to contact you...so make sure your profile (or the comment itself) has a good email or I'll just move to the next winning entry! (2) Include in your comment a birthday wish rhyme. Yep, ya have to work for it a little...so put your thinking cap on!! (3) Everyone only gets one chance...so repeats won't be counted.

Good Luck!
Congratulations to Cathy K. as the winner of the birthday give-a-way. Thanks to all the folks who left comments, they were funny and I enjoyed reading them...and some of you are very clever. The winner was selected using a random generator number.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cute Line Drawings for Redwork

Stumbling my way through various blogs (I'm too slow to call it surfing!)...I came across a magical site of coloring pages, puppets, and craft projects. Beautiful images!
The artist is just wonderful and includes dozens and dozens of line drawings on her site. She has fairies, holiday figures like bunnies and elfs, and she includes puppets and stories! A real delight!!
 And, since these are mostly line drawings...they could be stitched as redwork too! Please go check out her site, it truly is fantastic...especially if you love fairies, elfs, angels, and fantasy!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Santa Claus Shadow Applique Tutorial

Okay, it's the day after Thanksgiving...are you thinking about Christmas? Yeah, I know you don't WANT to think about it....but it will be here soon!
So, to get you in the mood for the holiday...how about a quick shadow applique (or regular applique if you prefer)...Santa face block or pillow!
This design is from my basic shadow applique class, first taught on the HGTV Message Boards (Crafts: Quilting and Needlework). Here are links to the instructions sheet, the pattern, and the layout guide. Hope you try it...and come back to comment a link so I can check out your work too.

The instructions are for the shadow applique technique, but can easily be adapted to needle-turn or freezer paper applique methods. All files are Adobe Pdf, so if you have problems opening them...just go to Adobe.com and download their free software for reading any Adobe pdf formated files. Have fun!

Blue Box Progress--Embroidery and Beads

About a month ago, I started a crazy quilt project...for a friend. She sent me a beautiful cobalt blue box and wanted a crazy quilt scene on the top. We discussed the project, and since the box was so gorgeous...and so blue...we decided an underwater scene would be best. Plus, it's the fastest theme for me to stitch! LOL! The basic beginning was blogged the end of last month, check it out here.

My progress over these past four weeks has been sufficient to finish the stitching and the beads and "do dads" along the sea floor. My stitching is done in little bits of time here and there...along with other stitching projects too! I never have just one thing going at a time...that would be too sane!

Here is the overall project as of today....
If you have ever wanted to "step outside the box" and go beyond the traditional crazy quilt patch work...past the seams and motifs...I hope you will consider doing an under-water theme project. I think they are easy to conceive and the stitching can be as simple with trims and just some feather stitches. Then go nuts with beads, charms, and a few unexpected things to create your fantasy under-water world! 

I think that it does not have to be as realistic as say flowers or insects...so, it is easier to create. And there is so much color, texture, and just LIFE under water all sorts of beads can be used to dress the project up.
Think in layers...stitching, lace, more stitching, beads, charms, until you have built everything up. Then, when you think it is done...add more beads!! 

Here are some closeups of the status so far.

Lastly, here is the middle so far. I will now move on to stitching the mermaids hair....and see where that leads me next! Almost done Eileene, she'll be swimming home to you soon!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

The First Thanksgiving
painted by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris (1863-1930)

The Thanksgiving Holiday is celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada. It began as a celebration of a plentiful harvest where everyone gave thanks to God or their bounty. Today, we give thanks for our family, friends, and any thing else that we count as a blessing in our lifes.

One of those things...in my life...is to have good friends. And, I count my "cyber buddies" in that group as well...so I wish for you a very Happy Thanksgiving Day...wherever you might be living at the moment!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

TDiTM Stitch #110

Reference: Twelve Dozen Stitches in Twelve Months
This stitch is so simple, it is deceiving. After sketching it, I almost discarded it without trying it out. But, I love it when it was stitched! Go figure??

Instead of three seed beads or even three beads of the same size for the "dots", I used a 3mm German class bead anchored on each end by a rocailles bead. I like the look!

Hope you give it a try too.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Really, I've got to stop...

but this is too much fun! Gerry, this little dogwood is for you...small, and simple too!
 And the symbols (I figured out how to keep colors behind the symbols! Yeah!)
 And the collor key, in DMC type threads.

Cross-stitch Software Trials

A few months back, I stumbled upon a software for creating cross-stitch designs. It was reasonably priced so I thought I'd try it out. Well, as usual...in my world anyway...I've not had any time to play around with it. Until this week, and even then...only for a few hours.
Here's my first attempt.
 A simple little monogram..."S"...of course! I wanted to add locations for silk ribbon and embroideried leaves...but have not yet figured out just how to draw symbols...so, I used the lazy daisy flowers and heart straight stitches as substitutes for my roses and leaves. The little dots are intended to be beads.

I'm going to keep on trying to get something usable...but thought I'd share the process.

The software will also convert photos into cross-stitch...with some manipulation. Here is the conversion of a photo of flowers.
And here is the photo charted into symbols.
I think you should be able to pull these images into any software that accepts a photo...like Word, Publisher, etc. and print out the size you want it to be.

And, here is the color chart...if you are brave of heart!

Fabric: Linen 26, White
136w X 135h Stitches

Size: 26 Count, 5-1/8w X 5-1/8h in

2-strands of DMC floss used:
Symbol DMC Number & Color
Z          150 Dusty Rose-UL VY DK
ú          152 Shell Pink-MD LT
Ý          223 Shell Pink-LT
(           225 Shell Pink-UL VY LT
¿          300 Mahogany-VY DK
OE       301 Mahogany-MD
¾         309 Rose-DK
—         310 Black
|           315 Antique Mauve-VY DK
à          321 Christmas Red
_          326 Rose-VY DK
I           355 Terra Cotta-DK
Ö          356 Terra Cotta-MD
"           370 Mustard-MD
Ì           372 Mustard-LT
\           400 Mahogany-DK
'           434 Brown-LT
y          436 Tan
…         437 Tan-LT
Ô          451 Shell Gray-DK
Ê          452 Shell Gray-MD
k          498 Christmas Red-DK
™         600 Cranberry-VY DK
ˆ           603 Cranberry
å          611 Drab Brown
Ò          612 Drab Brown-LT
‡          640 Beige Gray-VY DK
°           642 Beige Gray-DK
P          645 Beaver Gray-VY DK
’           648 Beaver Gray-LT
=          676 Old Gold-LT
¯          680 Old Gold-DK
G          729 Old Gold-MD
.           738 Tan-VY LT
¥          758 Terra Cotta-VY LT
ù          778 Antique Mauve-VY LT
[           779 Cocoa-DK
A          801 Coffee Brown-DK
¤          814 Garnet-DK
W         815 Garnet-MD
1          819 Baby Pink-LT
]           829 Golden Olive-VY DK
²           831 Golden Olive-MD
z           833 Golden Olive-LT
¡           842 Beige Brown-VY LT
Q          894 Carnation-VY LT
–          899 Rose-MD
é          902 Garnet-VY DK
q          918 Red Copper-DK
O          934 Black Avocado Green
K          936 Avocado Green-VY DK
É          938 Coffee Brown-UL DK
C          948 Peach-VY LT
s          950 Desert Sand-LT
0          951 Tawny-LT
X          956 Geranium
„           961 Dusty Rose-DK
ó          3012 Khaki Green-MD
b          3021 Brown Gray-VY DK
          3031 Mocha Brown-VY DK
4          3033 Mocha Brown-VY LT
N          3046 Yellow Beige-MD
€          3326 Rose-LT
_          3350 Dusty Rose-UL DK
á          3362 Pine Green-DK
V          3364 Pine Green
ü          3371 Black Brown
£          3688 Mauve-MD
−          3689 Mauve-LT
{           3722 Shell Pink-MD
$          3727 Antique Mauve-LT
ç          3731 Dusty Rose-VY DK
*           3733 Dusty Rose
¬          3773 Desert Sand-MD
¸           3781 Mocha Brown-DK
‚           3782 Mocha Brown-LT
D          3787 Brown Gray-DK
Ñ          3805 Cyclamen Pink
?          3826 Golden Brown
¶          3828 Hazelnut Brown
U          3830 Terra Cotta-MD
f           3831 Raspberry-DK
Ÿ          3836 Grape-LT
€          3856 Mahogany-UL VY LT
Ï           3858 Rosewood-MD
´           3859 Rosewood-LT
Î           3860 Cocoa
p          3861 Cocoa-LT
À          3862 Mocha Beige-DK
%         3864 Mocha Beige-LT

If you want to try creating your own cross-stitch patterns...then check out the Pattern Maker software details (and others too) at Hobbyware.

Monday, November 22, 2010

TDiTM Stitch #109

Reference: Twelve Dozen Stitches in Twelve Months
The sample stitch was a little different than the design this time, I moved the lazy daisies a little lower than the chart had them. I think I'll go back and fill in the space with a pearl bead. But, I decided to show you this photo anyway...as I don't claim to be "perfect"...and it also shows that another variation is possible...just by shifting the elements drawn a little bit.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

TDiTM Stitch #108

Reference: Twelve Dozen Stitches in Twelve Months
 The larger "O" represent a space where you could add your bead of choice...or buttons would be fine as well! Like SRE? Then add a silk rose...or embroidery is your thing? Add a bullion rose...
Let your imagination change it up!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

TDiTM Stitch #107

Reference: Twelve Dozen Stitches in Twelve Months

A hint for those that might be having problems stitching uniform "fans" like these. Print out the image, size it to fit your stitching preference, and punch holes where the little DOTS are. Then use this little fan as a template to help you make uniform straight stitches every time!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

TDiTM Stitch #106

Reference: Twelve Dozen Stitches in Twelve Months

 We continue our combination seams using the herringbone as our base stitch. In this combination stitch, we can use various buttons, ribbon roses, pearls, sequins, or other small objects in the location of the "O".

In this stitched version, you can see I've used some flower beads. The French knot stitches "." have been replaced with 3mm Swarvoski crystal bicone beads.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nap time...

I just spend the morning adding photos of gorgeous charm bracelets and the Mermaid necklaces to the Studio. I'm tired of photo sizing...and writing. But, they are up!! Yeah!

Go check em out...and if you know any guys who need a nudge towards a super Christmas present for there gal...send em my way! These are all seriously stunning and classy pieces to wear!

No rest...and no nap...spend the afternoon adding a new section called "Kathy's Attic". At present it has a dozen of my quilting and needleart books that I have either outgrown or had duplicates of (don't ask). All of them are prized at 75% off the manufacturers suggested retail price, which is what I bought them at. So, check those out as well.

When I get the time...I'll be adding patterns and other items to the Attic...so check back once in a while.

Forest Glen

Just finished up a project for a dear friend, a round CQ piece with a fairy silkie in the center. The entire thing is about the size of a medium dinner plate. Hope she will enjoy it! And, here are photos for all my cyber friends too enjoy as well!

 It was a quick project, especially since it was in the sewing room for almost 2 weeks before I could begin it! Finally, I sat down and pulled threads and lace that I had in green...found the two little chickadees while doing that!...aren't they so cute!
Some template seams, lots of beads and stuff later...and voila! It's done!

Oh, and I should say that I did not have to piece the block! My friend sent it to me already pieced...with enough extra fabric to ensure I could hoop nicely...yeah! It took me most of Monday and Tuesday to complete it...but, I'm happy with the results. Hope she is too!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


My friend Thearica is having a birthday this month too!! And, she celebrates with a great give-a-way...just like I do! So scoot on over to her great blog, Pigtales and Quilts...and enter! Make sure and let her know I sent ya!!

You could win a pair of these great scissors!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Basic Start Block Continued

I posted this basic block with seams on Wednesday. Here is the rest of the work...ready to mail it out tomorrow. After the basic embroidery combination seams...beads were added to enhance the seams.
 Next, the silk ribbon flowers and butterflies were added; as was the embroidery vines and leaves.

 And, if you want to see details...here are close-ups of the Silk Ribbon Embroidery areas.

And lastly...the charms and beaded butterflies were added to fill in some more space. All done!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Crystal Links

Spent the day learning something new...and napping. Sinus crud has been driving me nuts again, so I'm house-bound right now.

But, I got the crystals out and worked on a design for crystal rings I saw in a magazine. Then I decided if one was good, how about three! So, I figured out how to put the rings together...and created this link. Can you find the rings?

And here is the necklace...
And here is the clasp.