Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nap time...

I just spend the morning adding photos of gorgeous charm bracelets and the Mermaid necklaces to the Studio. I'm tired of photo sizing...and writing. But, they are up!! Yeah!

Go check em out...and if you know any guys who need a nudge towards a super Christmas present for there gal...send em my way! These are all seriously stunning and classy pieces to wear!

No rest...and no nap...spend the afternoon adding a new section called "Kathy's Attic". At present it has a dozen of my quilting and needleart books that I have either outgrown or had duplicates of (don't ask). All of them are prized at 75% off the manufacturers suggested retail price, which is what I bought them at. So, check those out as well.

When I get the time...I'll be adding patterns and other items to the check back once in a while.

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