Thursday, April 30, 2015

Class Fun!

My poor blog is suffering...from too much Class fun! I have been amiss at posting things being so busy. I shall try to do better. But, perhaps when you see what we've been up to in the recent will understand!

The BCQC is the Basic Class...and covers the same block/techniques for all. It also "introduces" students to how I choose to teach and run my classes. You might think that everyone making the "same block" would be boring. So, far from the truth...just take a look at some of the more recent blocks...all the same...yet...all are very different.
Nancy B
Karen M.
Nancy W.
Shelly H

And not to be outdone...the ladies in the ICQC 101 (Piecing Class) have been designing and dreaming up some gorgeous blank canvas blocks just waiting to be stitched upon!

Kathy L.

Mary C.

Louise K

Sarah A.

And...the newest of the classes announced...the ICQC 102 (Paint, Dye, Ink) is a huge load of fun! I can almost hear the giggling through the computer screen!

Nancy T.
Alice T.

Cheryl J.

Colleen B.

Dawn H.
Hazel R.

Marg R.

Marilyn N.

Ruth C.

Simone dK

Teena K.

This is as much of a "thank you" post as it is an inspirational and informative post. I so enjoy "watching" ladies learn new things, experiment and step outside of their normal level of comfort...and the enthusiasm that comes across in the class blog posts is heart warming to me. I'm having such a good time teaching this way...and so thanks to all of you that keep signing up to join me on this crazy adventure! May we all continue to smile, have fun, and keep learning.


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Painting and Drying Frame

While painting ribbon, as it lay on my table...I began thinking about how I might do this vertically. Dipped ribbon is easy to deal with, but painted ribbon requires brush strokes. If "ombre" style was to be done...the ribbon needed to be painted along the length. This is not possible with dipping into dye cups.
I thought about using a set of stretcher bars or my quilt frame. However, once dye gets on might come off on my future work...not a good idea.
But, since i make my own frames now anyway...and had all of the "connections"...all I really needed was a good design and more 1/2 inch PVC pipe! But this "model" was way too tall, making me stretch to paint the ribbon. And the ribbon on the backside (from wrapping) was too difficult to get to.

So, I created a wider version that was still tall, just not AS TALL as before. I used my prior side pieces as the width, just needed to cut one more of those.

 The ribbon painting was still a lot of work, and I'm not entirely sure it's a good use of my time.

The ribbon was pretty when rinsed and dried; but not as "ombre" as I had hoped for. Still, it is going to make some very pretty woven roses! I do love my large drying rack/frame however...and may use it for a block or large needle-art piece after the little bit of dye on it came off with bleach water.

So, if you have downloaded the free instructions on building your own can adapt by cutting different pipe lengths (horizontal ones were 25 inches, and vertical ones were 15 inches) and have a cool large frame or drying rack!



Dying and Painting Lace

The ladies in the ICQC-102 class have been painting and dying laces and ribbons. They got me wanting to create some pretties too; so here are some of my latest efforts.
The upper left corner has the painted (acyclic) pieces. The upper right corner has the Acid Dye painted/dipped pieces, and the lower center has the Procion MX Dye pieces.

Here are some of the Acid Dye Ribbons (rayon seam binding). All of the photos are after things have been rinsed, dryed, and pressed.

Hope you are having at least half the fun that these ladies are!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Open Registration for ICQC -101 Designing and Piecing CQ Blocks (Required for all other Intermediate Course Registrations)

Hello everyone. It is time for another ICQC Registration Open Period...where has the time gone! 
Lot's to share with you about this week...but no time at the moment. Heading off to the hospital to visit with my mother...they are keeping her for a couple of she has gotten a "bug" and is dehydrated. So, I'm in a run...sorry...and will not be answering you very quickly today if you email...but I'll be busy getting to everything when I do return later this afternoon. Hugs!
Intermediate Crazy Quilt Course (ICQC)
101-Piecing Crazy Quilt Blocks
is now OPEN for Registration
You Must Have Completed The CQ Basic Class to Register for this ICQC Module.

Registration is open 20 through 22 April
The class will begin on 23 April and should take 4-6 weeks (or less).
These mini classes will comprise this first course:
A - Printing on Fabric
B - Color Theory
C - Selecting Fabrics
D - Designing Blocks
E - Adding Lace & Trims
F - Piecing CQ Blocks
The class is FREE, you will not be charged anything for the instructions.
Link to the Basic Supply List 
You WILL be required to get your own supplies to complete the different class tasks. 
  If you are interested in taking this course, please email me at and provide me this information:
Your first name
Your last name
You country of residence
Your state of residence IF you live in the USA
The email address (if different) you wish me to send class instructional handouts to.
The email address (if different) you wish me to use for Class Blog Access.
After you register, I will send you a Welcome Email and Google/Blogger will send you (at my request) an Invitation to join the Class Blog where the class will be held. 
This is an ON-LINE internet class
You will need to follow some simple instructions to register and gain access to the private class blog. Your name and email will need to be entered; but NO social security or credit card information is required. Just basic information to "recognize" you as a class participant. We will follow the same process you used in the Basic Class.
This is the first module of the ICQC. Future modules will require that you complete this one.
Hugs, and I hope to see you in the class!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Open Registration - 10-12 April for ICQC-102

Registration is now open for the Intermediate Crazy Quilt Course (ICQC), Module #102 (Working with Paints, Dyes, and Inks)
Registration is open 10, 11, and 12 April.
Class will begin on 13 April

You need to have completed ICQC-#101 Module (Designing and Piecing Blocks)  before registering for this #102 module.
This Course covers:
--Painting Backgrounds
-- Painting and Dying Lace Motifs
-- Inking Lace and Charms

To register please email this information:
Email Address

to me at: before midnight (CST) on 13 April.

The class instruction is FREE.
You will need supplies.
A draft supply list is under the Class Tab of this site.



Sunday, April 5, 2015

Friday, April 3, 2015

Eggs and More!

If you are doing a little egg dying this week...toss in a few pieces of lace after you have dunked all of the boiled eggs. Rinse...and you have a rainbow of lovely lace pieces.These can also be over-dyed later. Just paint little touches on top of the solid colored pieces.
Love butterflies for this! Quick and easy!
p.s. Rayon lace will work...cotton not so much.
The dye I used was the jelly type cake icing food coloring dye, mixed with hot water/vinegar.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

One tired grandma...

It is Spring Break the kids are out of school for the week. One of my sister's called, she wanted to take her grandson to the Tenessee Acquarium and wanted to know if I wanted to go and take Aidan (dear granddaughter). 
So, even though my shoulder is still giving me fits...I thought it would be a great idea...since it involved no lifting. Hugs!

My photos are not the greatest...this little point and shoot style camera tried it's best...but most of the place were dark and the fish tanks gave off a strange light.
 But, we did have a good time...and walked, and walked, and walked! All were tired when we got back home. Would recommend it however...loads of things to see!
Even my tired spots...have tired spots. This getting older is not the weak! Hugs!