Thursday, April 30, 2015

Class Fun!

My poor blog is suffering...from too much Class fun! I have been amiss at posting things being so busy. I shall try to do better. But, perhaps when you see what we've been up to in the recent will understand!

The BCQC is the Basic Class...and covers the same block/techniques for all. It also "introduces" students to how I choose to teach and run my classes. You might think that everyone making the "same block" would be boring. So, far from the truth...just take a look at some of the more recent blocks...all the same...yet...all are very different.
Nancy B
Karen M.
Nancy W.
Shelly H

And not to be outdone...the ladies in the ICQC 101 (Piecing Class) have been designing and dreaming up some gorgeous blank canvas blocks just waiting to be stitched upon!

Kathy L.

Mary C.

Louise K

Sarah A.

And...the newest of the classes announced...the ICQC 102 (Paint, Dye, Ink) is a huge load of fun! I can almost hear the giggling through the computer screen!

Nancy T.
Alice T.

Cheryl J.

Colleen B.

Dawn H.
Hazel R.

Marg R.

Marilyn N.

Ruth C.

Simone dK

Teena K.

This is as much of a "thank you" post as it is an inspirational and informative post. I so enjoy "watching" ladies learn new things, experiment and step outside of their normal level of comfort...and the enthusiasm that comes across in the class blog posts is heart warming to me. I'm having such a good time teaching this way...and so thanks to all of you that keep signing up to join me on this crazy adventure! May we all continue to smile, have fun, and keep learning.

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