Monday, October 26, 2015

LAST Offereing of the ICQC-101 Course is OPEN for REGISTRATION (26-28 Oct CST)

Intermediate Crazy Quilt Course (ICQC)-101
Designing and Piecing Crazy Quilt Blocks
is OPEN for Registration
You Must Have Completed BCQC first to Register for ICQC-101

Registration will close at midnight 28 October, Central Standard Time
The class will begin on 29 October and should take 3-5 weeks (or less) to complete. 
This course is a per-requisite for the ICQC-103 and ICQC-104 Courses offered next year. 
You can not take these, until you have finished this ICQC-101 Class...and THIS is the last registration window to be offered for this course. 
So, it's "now or never". 
If you want to read more about the "why" of this decision..check out THIS POST.
These mini classes will comprise this ICQC-101 course:
A - Printing on Fabric
B - Color Theory
C - Selecting Fabrics
D - Designing Blocks
E - Adding Lace & Trims
F - Piecing CQ Blocks
The class is FREE, you will not be charged anything for the instructions.
Link to the Basic Supply List 
You WILL be required to get your own supplies to complete the different class tasks. 
  If you are interested in taking this course, please email me at and provide me this information to register:
Your first name
Your last name
You country of residence
Your state of residence IF you live in the USA
The email address (if different) you wish me to send class instructional handouts to.
The email address (if different) you wish me to use for Class Blog Access.
After you register, I will send you a Welcome Email and Google/Blogger will send you (at my request) an Invitation to join the Class Blog where the class will be held. 
This is an ON-LINE internet class
You will need to follow some simple instructions to register and gain access to the private class blog. Your name and email will need to be entered; but NO social security or credit card information is required. Just basic information to "recognize" you as a class participant. We will follow the same process you used in the Basic Class.
This is the first module of the Intermediate level courses; while it does NOT involve a lot of sewing or does involve a lot of thinking! We will cover Color Theory...and you will select various groups of colors. We will discuss the various types of designs for piecing CQ blocks...and when to use which each design. You will be practicing these designs by applying the guidelines...and then designing your own blocks on paper. You will sew at least one block as the last task...using any of the designs covered in the course. So, while there is not a huge requirement for fabrics, etc...there is a lot of thinking that happens.
Hugs, and I hope to see you in the class!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Working On Today

Today is a good day! I woke up feeling great...and as a result, got the letters for the Ms. Butterworths costume skirt cut out and fused into place. The next task for this Halloween costume is to make the ties and attach some gold rickrack. Then a simple circular collar in brown needs to be sewn. I may actually get this done today!

Last night, while cutting out the letters...I was staring at my design wall. It was covered in projects started last year...and no where near done. So depressing. So, I got up...pulled my finished Hexagon Blocks out of the drawer...and pinned them on the wall instead. All the stuff that came off the wall, went into the drawer! Seeing these blocks every day will help motivate me to keep working on them until all are done.
 Off the computer...and back to the sewing machine!


Saturday, October 24, 2015

New Class Calendar

The Class Schedule has been updated to reflect the Courses offered next year (the ones for the remainder of this year have not changed)
Next year will bring many changes. 
After much thought...I've decided to work much harder next year at publishing the two books already underway...AND convert many of the existing courses into self-paced training manuals.
There will still be some CQ Classes offered as well. The Basics Class will be for beginners or those folks that may have even never tried crazy quilting. I'll be editing it somewhat...but no big changes. Promoting CQ is a big part of my own teaching journey; and is very important to me. This will always remain a free class.
There will also be a book created that combines the Design Principles, Block Construction, Color Theory, and more. It will also include a Basic Block pattern and Templates. The block will not be the same as the BCQC uses...but will cover those piecing guidelines.
The Dying/Painting/Etc. course (ICQC-102) will also still be available free to everyone. It is the a class about mixing colors and is good for crafters, painters, and CQ folks. Because it covers so much more than just will not be made into a book. Some elements may contribute to the color theory portion of the Basic Book...but not the same as for the ICQC-102.

The Intermediate Required Course (ICQC-101)
The last offering of the ICQC-101 course will be 26-28 October. This is a required course for any of the other ICQC Courses (other than #102 mentioned above). These other courses will be offered at least ONE MORE TIME. So, if you have been on the fence about signing up for the ICQC-101 only have one more chance.

And, if you are dragging your feet about finishing the ICQC-101...having signed up for it need to "get the lead out" so you can sign up for the other courses as they are offered next year (or the end of this year). Because, once their registration window closes..they will not be offered again.

Here's the quick run-down of the upcoming class dates, after you have finished BCQC and ICQC-101:

ICQC-103 will be open for registration 2-4 November and next year 27-29 January.

ICQC-104 will be open for registration 12-14 November and next year 13-15 April.

All of the classes, except the ICQC-102 will be rewritten this winter and made available as books on my Etsy and Craftsy sites next year.
A few things have been learned by me over these past two years...regarding offering these free classes:
1) The modules are so detailed that most participants can follow the instructions without a lot of clarification from me. So, offering a similarly written book should be successful.
2) Not everyone can keep up with a class that requires interaction. Some prefer to just work along as they can, and don't want to have to "check in" between tasks.
3) Some folks like working in private and not showing their results.
4) The class interaction is a great thing for those that participate...and will be missed.
5) Tracking class progress, handling registrations and overlapping classes, and writing/editing new classes takes much more time than I first thought it would.
This past year has been a really hard year for me. This summer especially. These classes have been a great joy and have kept me going so many days when I just didn't feel like even getting out of bed. But, they have also taken so much time writing, editing, and stitching samples...that I actually developed a chronic muscle injury in my shoulder. There was very little stitching accomplished this year that did not relate to the classes. I'd like to change that next year.
So, I'm stepping back from so much "tracking" and "posting about classes"...and will be spending more time on finishing my books and the dozens of UFO's I have been pushing back for so many months.
I hope you will continue to follow my my own crazy quilting journey continues. wrap up...For those of you that have finished the Basic Class...and want to get into the intermediate level classes before they are gone...MAKE SURE to sign up and complete the ICQC-101 before next year. The last offering opens this Monday! Can't say I didn't give you a heads-up.

Change is on the way!


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Put Your Thinking Cap On...and Win!

I'm procrastinating...because I don't want to work on a Halloween costume. There is a long-term project that has kept me busy for the past few and time permitted.  
Today, I added some more beads to it. Really to "them".
I also cleared out some magazines...and found that I had a duplicate of a dis-continued Inspirations Magazine, #11 published back in 1996. 
The reason I have this edition is that it has a great little pattern for a mouse pin cushion with silk ribbon (or thread) embroidery on it.
So, why not give it away? Therefore...let's have a contest...yeh, I here you groaning...but it might be fun! 
All you need to do is guess what I'm working on...and I'll give you a huge is NOT a crazy quilt block.
All of the pictures (other than the magazine of course) relate to this, just leave me a comment...and the first person to guess gets the magazine!
One project is Winter Themed and the other is Springtime Themed...but both are the same thing. 
So...what are they?
10/25/15 Edited to Add: Okay, the guessing is over...and we have no winner! Guess I made it too hard...huh? There were some "close" guesses...but not correct. The correct answer is "Detachable Yokes". These will be available in my Etsy store if I ever get them done! Thanks for all the new ideas based on your comments too....ROFL! HUGS!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

ICQC-102 Paints, Dyes, Etc.

This course is scheduled for open registration 21-23 October. I have a feeling that there is not a lot of interest in it however, at this time. The end of the year is fast approaching and we are all so busy...and dying seems like such a Spring/Summer activity.
So, if you are interested in this course at this time...just email me you name, state/country, and email that you want me to use for the and I'll include you in the present course that is ongoing...and is small in number.
The full course description is under the Free CQ Class info tab at the top of the blog.
Hugs, to all!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

ICQC 107 - Mini-Silk Ribbon Embroidery Gardens...OPEN for Registration

10/198/15 EDITED TO ADD: This registration has now closed.

NOTE: Had some unexpected company today...threw me "off schedule" late posting this. Because of that, I'm leaving the registration open until the 18th...
This is a new has only been offered once June. At that time, we had over 30 participants finish...and all enjoyed creating these miniature flower gardens.
You need to have finished the BCQC before registering for this class. 
The Silk Ribbon Embroidery Stitch Guide and the General Embroidery Stitches handout from the BCQC Class will be helpful in this module as well.
Registration closes at midnight on Sunday, 18 October (CST)
This class will cover the creation of two 9" embroidery scenes that include silk ribbon flowers. IF you prefer NOT to create these scenes, you can do the individual flowers on plain fabric as a sampler or journal pages.
The supply list is available under the Free CQ Classes Tab above; but will also be send in your Welcome Email ...after you register.
Flowers included in this class are:
Climbing Rose
Longstem Rosebuds
Rose Bush
Wisteria Vine
To register:
Email me at 
Include the following information in your email to me:
First Name
Last Name
State/Country of residence
Your email address (to be used to send lesson handouts)
Then, I will email you with a Welcome to the Class, so you will know that I have received your registration request.
Next, I will also have Google Blogger send you an invitation email to join the class blog.
This process will be the same as for the BCQC class...I'll email tasks to you...and You will post photos of your finished work...then the next task will be sent.
Looking forward to seeing some beautiful embroidery scenes! Here are the photo examples of the miniature gardens we shall be working on. Thread embroidery, painted backgrounds, and ribbon embroidery are included in these scenes:


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Finishing CQ Blocks

I've finished twelve of my 22 CQ-Hexagon blocks this summer! It's always such a job to get one embellished. All summer long I've been promising to show how I finish these off by adding the backings. 
Finally I took enough photos of the process to write a tutorial. However, it is rather than just put it here...I created a PDF document for you. 
  Here is a link to the pdf Tutorial on Finishing CQ Blocks, specifically written for the Hexagon Blocks...but the instruction will work with any shape or size of block you choose to make.
Enjoy your stitching!


Monday, October 12, 2015

Pattern: 12-inch CQ Block

Sometimes things work out...and sometimes they just don't. For me, every time I try to "be quick" and flip-n-sew a block together...I'm not happy with the results. I know what a balanced block should look like...and usually this fast method just does not produce that for me. This above block is a good example of that. It's an "adequate" block; and I did try to be careful in my fabric choices as I worked around the block. There are not "touching" pieces of the same fabric. But there is a disparity of thin longer patches and wide fat patches. There is also a lot of seams that follow the same horizontal lines.
The block is for the Batik Round Robin on CQI Facebook Group. It didn't take long a couple of hours total maybe. But, then thinking about it kept me up another hour last night...and I promise you that "I Do Need My Beauty Sleep."
I'm a person that likes design...and I like to plan...but I'm also pretty busy so limited in time. So, this morning I set down and designed a new block and created the pattern pieces for it. I'm much happier with this result and other than making the pattern in the first took me half the time to piece this second block that it did the first. Afterall, I had less decisions on "where to put what" because I had already thought about that when designing the pattern. I had "used up" some of the fabrics on the first block, but still found enough light batiks to make this a good canvas to work on. Hope the ladies enjoy stitching on it!
Thought you might like this here is the pattern: CQ-12inch-square-block
The file size is 40M so give it time to download the PDF it was created in Adobe Illustrator software with embedded images; and THEN saved as a pdf file.

Hugs to all!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Heads Up for Mini Flowers Course

Just a Heads UP....not taking registration just yet.
ICQC-107 will open later this week (15-17) requires two embroidery painted backgrounds on which to work the miniature silk ribbon flowers.

If you plan on signing up for this might want to get started on these backgrounds now.

Here is the handout for the embroidery patterns to be stitched on these backgrounds:

Here is the link to the supply list for ribbons, etc.:

Just trying to be these gardens really do look best when done on these backgrounds.