Monday, February 19, 2024

Cotton Candy Monthly Blocks

These are the fabrics I've been working with on a monthly quilt kit. It is traditionally pieced. I would like to have had more contrast and am really hoping that I like the finished quilt top. However, even if I don' would still make a perfectly usable quilt for someone. Keeping my fingers crossed!

 Here is the laydown of the grouping titled Cotton Candy by the quilt shop. I'm now about half-way through the quilt and was keeping up nicely each month until the holidays hit. I don't think I did much more than the CQ promotion for Dazzling Diamonds book the entire month of November. December/January were total busts...don't even remember what I worked on.

Feels like I'm coming out of a daze (have been ill off/on for months now). Hope to get enough energy back to really work on my quilts again soon.