Special Courses

"Special Courses" are all those topics that I teach that don't really fit in the crazy quilting categories. While you could include these techniques in your crazy quilts; they more logically fit in traditional quilting (or other craft) categories best.

Shadow-work Applique

This technique has been around a few decades but never really "caught on" with quilt shops because they require a sheer fabric (not usually found in quilt shops). It is a wonderful technique to learn if you are a traditional quilter or a crazy quilter that wants to experiment with new techniques in some of your patches. The project is a Santa Clause face wall-hanging that I taught in various quilt shops; resulting in a small wall-hanging (sometimes with a pocket for storing Christmas cards.) It's a pretty fast project and I hope you try this technique.

        1.    Supply List

        2.    Fusible Layer

        3.    Sheer Overlay Layer

        4.    Stitching the Final Layer

        5.    Santa Face Layout Sheet

        6.    Santa Face Fusible Pattern Sheet

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