Monday, October 31, 2011

Dragonfly Garden - Daffodils

Almost done with the daffodils. Two still need petals. They has light cream ones...but the background fabric was showing through too much, so I removed them. Have to find some white fabric that is thick enough to keep the background from showing. Guess it's time to go shopping!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Relaxation and Beauty

Aidan and I spend a restful weekend dying some lace. She also put a considerable amount of time to learning to write in cursive letters...and is very proud of that! Her birthday is this Wednesday, 8 years old, and she is growing up so quickly! 
Her lace was mostly a mis-match of dark colors...nothing I'll ever be able to use. But, it's only lace..and down the road...I can always dye her pieces dark red or blue! Ha! But for now, we have plenty in the colors that I can use.
And a few really special favorites as well.
So, it was a good dying session all things considered.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Friday, October 28, 2011

Wired Flowers

More adornments...for the Dragonfly Quilt. There will be tons of stuff before I'm finished next year. It's nice to be working on a long-term project...especially one that has been in my head for some time now.
I like the vintage quality of these wired florals...and the use of the lace leaves. A stem still needs to be created, and they will be grouped on a piece of lace perhaps...when they get stitched into place.
But, for now...they'll just sit in my ribbon drawer...awaiting the creating of more.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dragonfly Blinged Out!!

The dragonfly is almost done. A row of tiny seed beads is still needed to be stitched around the tail; the water soluble needs to be soaked off, and the blue felt needs to be trimmed away. 
Then, his new home has to be completed...on the Dragonfly Garden quilt...and he needs to be stitched down with another outside row of beads perhaps.
Perhaps it is a she? With all this bling...
And, is large. But, the quilt will be too; so the scale will be fine for that project.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

BOHO Fever

If you haven't seen it yet...Pat Winters has a new BOHO book just released! Her bohemian bags are just gorgeous...I know because I am the very proud owner of a beautiful pink one! And her instructions are  easy to understand so you can construct your own. So, hop over to her blog for all the instructions on ordering her book today!

Wednesday Wine Country Monograms - S


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just Cosmetics...

I made some minor cosmetic changes to the blog design...and I hope that it loads faster for those with slower DSL or Dial-up

Tulips Base Block Complete

Well, I was able to get the heads on the tulips finished yesterday. Now the base block is complete, ready for the sheer overlay fabric and all/any other embellishments along the path. But, before that step...the other base blocks need to be done.
My eyes get tired more quickly working on the light table. So, the second block awaits me today!
I did spend a little time working some more on the huge beaded dragonfly. Do you remember it? Here is where we left off...

Monday, October 24, 2011


Any guesses...what will this be?
No fair peeking.
The journey continues...and barely begins.
Here are two more hints.


 And the final big clue!

If you guessed the layout and start of the shadow-work blocks for the Dragonfly Garden'd be right! And the first block I'm working on is the tulips. Yesterday the backgrounds were all measured and cut...and then the stems/leaves for the tulips were fused into place. Today, perhaps I'll be able to get the tulip heads in place...and them move on to the next block!
ETA: 4/6/2012 If you would like the tulip shadow-work pattern, it is free, and is located as a pdf sheet in the Shawkl_Blog_Files Yahoo group files. Look in the Quilting Patterns folder, under Shadow Applique Florals.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Finished Cabochons

 My eyes are tired of looking at these little I'm finished with cabochon making for a few more days. I finished several more for the Dragonfly Garden quilt.

And managed to get some new ones done for the Etsy shop as well.

French Script Saturday - R

Here's a "R" motif for your collection of monograms...


Congrats...we have a winner!

Well today we have a winner! Random Generator picked #21 of our contest post as the winner of some dyed lace and a beaded cabochon. This was in celebration of our reaching 450 followers. We'll have another drawing (5 drawings actually) when we reach 500!
And number 21 post is from Mosaic Magpie! So, I'll be emailing you Deb...and you have 24 hours to respond back with a mailing address for me to send your goodies too.

"MosaicMagpie said...You have so many followers, because people know a good thing when they see it!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Christmas Ornaments Chart

The chilly weather this week has gotten me into a holiday mood. Oh, not enough to start a major holiday cleaning...or cookie baking spree...Oh, no...not yet! But, enough to get me to thinking about decorations and festive things. So, I sat down for a few hours this morning and charted some ornaments. Hope you enjoy them.
Oh, just so you know...I love Christmas cookies...and will accept any and all donations in my "test kitchen". Ha! Now, I'll have to go looking for great cookie recipes! Perhaps this weekend would be a good time to start baking! Ha! Can you tell that I've worked all day...and have not had even breakfast yet! Huh? So, off I go...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Felt Ornaments Finished

Today was fun. Well, after the housework was was fun. Pam came over for a little while and we completed some Christmas ornaments to mail to Shari for the ladies of Texas. I loved the little doll that I told you about last week...and did up these three little purple ladies. 
Here are photos of their progress, and finished look.
 I like her little sequin cheeks!
And, here is Pam working on her redbirds...
 and here's what they look like finished. 
She has three, and is looking for faux holly berried to adorn them with. Then they'll all be in the mail...mine should go out tomorrow or Saturday (it's supposed to be the coldest day yet tomorrow...and I might just stay under the covers!).

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Have Skills!

And, this photo proves it! Let me tell's not easy holding an object in your left hand...and gripping it so it will "open"...while holding the camera with your right hand...and pushing the shutter button...AND getting a photo that is in focus! I am so proud!
We have been challenged to complete a little thimble our most recent Fun Friday Toot over on StitchMAP...and this is mine. 
It was fast, only a couple of hours...and the next one will be more elaborate. But, this one was fun. Here is my little design for the front.
The sides are made from plastic (milk jug for me). I covered the plastic shape with fabric, using a glue stitch to help out...and the inside was just felt cut to the same shape.
I stitched each "side" separately...
 then used the English Paper Piecing technique to put the three sides together...leaving an opening area of course. I added some cording to the sides to cover the seams...and make a little tassle. Then a few clay roses to the bottom and a few beads to the top and it's finished!
All ready to hand on my chatelaine (if it ever gets stitched)...and hold my favorite thimble. It actually could hold two or three...