Monday, October 24, 2011


Any guesses...what will this be?
No fair peeking.
The journey continues...and barely begins.
Here are two more hints.


 And the final big clue!

If you guessed the layout and start of the shadow-work blocks for the Dragonfly Garden'd be right! And the first block I'm working on is the tulips. Yesterday the backgrounds were all measured and cut...and then the stems/leaves for the tulips were fused into place. Today, perhaps I'll be able to get the tulip heads in place...and them move on to the next block!
ETA: 4/6/2012 If you would like the tulip shadow-work pattern, it is free, and is located as a pdf sheet in the Shawkl_Blog_Files Yahoo group files. Look in the Quilting Patterns folder, under Shadow Applique Florals.

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