Monday, December 9, 2019

Changes to YAHOO Groups

Good morning everyone...

Yahoo Groups is making HUGE changes to their platform. So, I'm forced to make huge changes to the SHAWKL Files Group site. In the next couple of days...Yahoo will "delete" all FILES from every group site.

SO, if you want the "retired classes" get over to Yahoo Groups (Shawkl Files) and finish downloading the ones you have been putting off.

I'll try to find a new site for these...but it will take some time to get that done. When it is, I'll post here on the blog to let you know where you can then get the older class information.

If you have not yet gotten around to joining the Yahoo Group (and now is it almost too late)...just scroll down until you see the rose at the RIGHT SIDE BAR. Click and request to join...I'll approve when the email comes to me...and you can then download all of the files. Don't only have about 2-3 more days before all is gone.


Monday, December 2, 2019

Book Review: Heirloom Embroidery from Brian Haggard

Technically, this is a group of iron-on transfers...not so much a "book" although it is book format.

The transfer designs are all on single sided paper, so you just need to cut apart; press to fabric...and embroidery over the lines that appear then.

The designs are based on vintage quilt designs; but have a very modern and romantic feel to them. My only issue with the book (as with any iron on pattern) is that you have to live with the scale of the objects. So, the best way to use them is to plan your crazy quilt blocks "around" them...they become the main focus. You could also "re-imagine" them by adding silk flowers or buttons or such!

Also, it will be fun just to prepare a few pieces of fabric with these designs...and stitch. Later, they can be incorporated into blocks even if I don't know "what block" they will live within in at the moment. So, these would make really great quick take-along project ideas. A few skeins of floss, small embroidery scissors, needle book, and fabric with printed design...should fit into just about any size purse! I can see these being worked while waiting in the doctor's office (and don't you just ALWAYS have to wait)...or just sitting and listening during most any group meeting or function. If you have a few minutes...on a train, on a plane, in a car, at the bar (okay, maybe not at the bar)...ha! Dr Suess got to me for a moment...hugs!

Anyhow, this is a great collection...and has over 225 images for you to play with! Totally recommend it to all crazy quilters!