Advance Courses

These courses require a lot of patience, basic skills, and special supplies. They are a great progress from the Intermediate to techniques which take more concentration and time. A good pair of reading glasses and perfect lighting might also be needed. Go slow and really watch where you place your needle in every stitch...don't rush and the results might just astound you. 


This topic includes several techniques. I've separated the "needle lace" portion into it's own project with a sampler of various stitches. The other techniques involved in stumpwork (wire shaping, surface and padded embroidery) are in the first project. There is a supply list for this course, but items should most likely be in your own stash already…possibly except for the silk ribbon. 

        1.    Introduction and Supply List

        2.    Tracing the Design

        3.    Surface Area Embroidery

        4.    Wire Shaping

        5.    Berries

        6.    Needle-lace Frame

        7.    Needle-lace Sampler Stitches

Thread Painting (Kensington Stitch)

This technique has been around a long, long time...and is known by a couple of names. We explore this type of hand embroidery by creating a long-stem rose and a smaller blossom. Standard stranded thread (like DMC Floss) can be used or similar sized single threads. The blossom can be created in standard machine sewing thread, machine embroidery thread, or silk threads (all stitched by hand).

        1.    Supply List

        2.    Introduction and Practice

        3.    Printable Stitch Practice Sheet

        4.    Kensington Stitched Rose Project

        5.    Printable Rose Design Sheet

        6.    Using Fabric Sheets

        7.    Printable Silk Shaded Rose Blossum Project

        8.    Silk Shading Design Sheet

Dimensional Surface Beading

This technique has actually been done throughout all of the basic and intermediate courses. In this advanced class, we use the technique to create more elaborate projects. These include finishing techniques and some jewelry making techniques as well.

        1.    Supply List

        2.    Beading Basics

        3.    Cluster Foundation Guidelines

        4.    Lace Cuff Project

        5.    Lace Cuff Design Sheet

        6.    Cabochon Surrounds

        7.    Beaded Bookmark Project

        8.    Couching Bead Lines

        9.    Beading Dimensional Monograms

      10.    Printable Monogram Design Sheets

      11.    Bead Encrusting Cuff or Barrette Project

      12.    BONUS: Ballerina Doll Pattern

      13.    Cuff Pattern Design Sheet

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