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The files are listed in order of recommended completion so just download and begin your self-guided course instruction. Share your progress on the Facebook Group: Shawkl Classes if you would like some "opinions" in selection of fabrics, etc. or feedback in general. 

These courses are specifically designed to be self-taught and self-paced. So, after downloading a course set of files...just begin with the first file and follow the instructions. Create the "homework" and then proceed to the next file in that list of class handouts.

Enjoy the stitching!

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Beyond the Basics: 

A comprehensive course in the most common skills used to create modern crazy quilts. It is technique driven, so you will work different types of techniques on fabric backgrounds. These can then be incorporated into a crazy quilt design of your choice. This course expands on basic embroidery skills to create various motifs for crazy quilt blocks. Patterns for a variety of hexagon blocks are provided, or students can use fabric "doodle cloths" to create their work. The embroidery is extensive in this class but not technically too difficult for a basic stitcher to accomplish. While some embroidery stitches are explained; simpler stitches are expected to have been learned in the Basic Courses. Some different silk ribbon embroidery and beading techniques are introduced in this course, as well as a variety of different monograms.

Part 1: Color

-- Planning & Inspiration

-- Using Color

-- Color Theory Reference Cards

Part 2: Blocks & Silkies

-- Selecting Fabrics

-- Using Lace & Trims

-- Fabric Photos

-- Silkie Images For Printing

-- Piecing Blocks

-- Hexagon Class Blocks

Part 3: Over-Stitching Silkies

-- Embellishing Silkies

-- Framing Silkies

Part 4: Embroidery

-- Transferring Embroidery Designs

-- Trees

-- Ideas for Trees

-- Spiders and Webs

-- Basic Motifs

Part 5: Monograms

-- Stitching Monograms

-- Design Set A

-- Design Set B

-- Design Set C

-- Design Set D

Dimensional Motifs: 

Motifs with dimension include different types of applique work, raised (or stuffed) applique work, and various fabric slips that are embellished. It is a good course to complete after finishing the Beyond the Basics module. This course continues the embroidery work of the prior courses and is technically more difficult. Fabric applique, printing on fabric, embellishing with fibers/ribbon/beads, and creating different dimensional embroiders are presented. These include the creation of slips in embroidery and beads that are then applied to another object. This is not a stumpwork course, rather the motifs are more elaborate and realistic in nature.

Part 1: Applique

Part 2: Raised Applique

Part 3: Embroidery Slips

Over-Stitching Ribbon Motifs: 

Silk Ribbon Embroidery (SRE) is pretty common in modern crazy quilts in the form of small motifs and included within seam designs. Larger motifs can also be created using silk ribbon. Some other ribbon types (satin or organza) can often also be substituted for the silk variety with pretty results. This course includes several drawn designs that are to be "stitched-over" using basic Silk Ribbon Embroidery stitches and ribbon in a variety of widths. Embroidery with fiber and silk ribbon is used to create semi-realistic floral arrangements. These are beyond the basic Silk Ribbon Embroidery Motifs of roses and leaves. Rather, clusters of daisies, berries, wild roses, pomegranate, and fantasy flowers will be printed (or traced) on to fabric and over-stitched to bring these to life in ribbon. A parasol lady will be embroidered to include a silk ribbon skirt for her outfit. Each motif design can be printed directly to fabric (or traced) and may use different widths of silk ribbon to complete. White ribbon can be used for all designs (and then ink to color these) if you do not have an extensive supply of colors/widths in the ribbon. Fantasy flowers can use any type of ribbon, saving on the use of the silks.  

Part 1: Preparation

-- Printable Designs

-- Transferring Designs to Background Fabric

-- Stitches Practice

Part 2: Realistic Flowers

-- Wild Rose Blossoms

-- Daisies

-- Apple Blossoms

Part 3: Plants

-- Berry Vine

-- Pomegranate

Part 4: Other Objects

-- Tiny Frames

-- Birds & Insects

-- Ribbon Lady

-- Funky & Fun Fantasy Flowers

Styles of Modern Crazy Quilts: 

It is common for us to want to re-create the gorgeous velvet/silk style crazy quilts of the Victorian Era. But modern crazy quilts go so much farther in creativity. After all, we have access to millions of different embellishments that our great-great-grandmothers could not even dream about. So, it's no wonder that a variety of different crazy quilt styles also are popular. This course discusses the various styles and defines their attributes. Then, it focuses on two main types: Shabby Chic and Vintage Reproduction by providing instruction to create objects in these categories. A section on how to approach and plan a large crazy quilt project (of any style) is at the end of the materials to help launch your efforts in creating a large bed-size crazy quilt. The Victorian Style Block uses silk fabrics (men's ties) and embellishing based on a historical pattern. Mostly cotton and silk fabrics are used in the creation of the Shabby Chic Style project (purse, pillow, book cover, etc.) which includes embellishing a printed image pieced crazy quilt block with loads of lace, ribbon, embroidery and beads/sequins.

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Styles of Crazy Quilts

Part 3: Shabby Chic Style

-- Printing on Fabric

-- Shabby Purse Supplies

-- Piecing the Block

-- Adding Trims & Lace

-- Final Embellishing Layers

-- Constructing the Bag Portions

-- Finishing the Purse

Part 4: Vintage Reproduction Style

-- Planning a Vintage Block

-- Vintage Pattern

-- Embroidery Guidelines

-- Embroidery Overlay

-- Vintage Flowers

-- Vintage Roses

Part 5: Planning Large Projects

Artistic Gardens: 

If you love experimenting with new products and techniques; you will adore this class. It is totally about trying new things, some of which you are sure to love and want to incorporate into a crazy quilt project but might have even thought about before. The course has guidelines but allows the use of whatever supplies that you have on hand in your crafting/sewing rooms. It includes some embroidery stitches that are not difficult but also not used very much, just to give you a nudge into trying new stitches as well. The finished motifs in this module can easily be used as patches in crazy quilts. We keep to a "garden" theme in the variety of motif designs presented. This course expands our artistic view through the use of various paints, markers, pencils, etc. as we create backgrounds for stitched garden scenes. Guidelines will be established but the student has huge opportunity for expression. 

Part 1: Supplies

Part 2: Experimentation

Part 3: Background Masks

Part 4: Twisted Single Feather Stitch

Part 5: Stem Flower

Part 6: Topiary Baskets

Part 7: Garden Visitor

Part 8: Knot Gardens


Janet McCoy said...

Hi Kathy,

I think your new format is very exciting. No more waiting for the course I want to do to be available on dates that are suitable for me. I can't wait to start the Over-stitching Ribbon Motifs Course. Thank you so much for all your hard work and your willingness to share your knowledge.

Val U said...

Hi Kathy, thank you so much for all your hard work uploading all these courses for all we wannabes! You are so generous with your time and talents. As my hubby likes to say, "You'll go to heaven!" Gratefully, Val Ursulak