Monday, September 30, 2013

Finished the Fan Block

Now it is ready to go into the mail.
I'm really loving this little block, it has all the soft and feminine style that I enjoy working with. The lace was a piece of hand-dyed venice that I'd had for a while, and thought I might never use that shade of green. Goes to show ya! Keep it long enough, and the perfect little project will come around...the color matches perfectly!

Nickilee's Fan Block Continues

Here's what I've gotten done on Nickilee's fan block so far, I'm almost finished attaching the lace to the corner. Next will be to add beads! It will be ready to mail out tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest. This was an interesting little fan block, because all of her fan blades were the after much thought...I decided to keep my stitching as symmetrical as possible too.
I'm not sure it's what she envisioned when piecing her blocks...but I'm really liking it. The photo really does not do it justice at is very girly, shabby chic and beautiful with all that silk ribbon. A few more final touches...and I'll be back tomorrow to let you see the results and final photo!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Winter Block Completed

This is a six inch block for a swap. 
The tree is embroidered in stem stitch varigated green/blue size 8 perle cotton, with size 12 white on the top side to mimic a little snow.
The wind goddess is done in perle cotton back stitch and the wind is done is Ricky Timms metallics also embroidered in back stitch.
I'm also working on a Fan has just begun.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Beginning of Birdhouse Village Quilt Pattern

My friend Pam and I have been wanting to do a quilt together, with embroidery designs. And, we settled on a Triple Irish Chain quilt with an embroidered border. We are doing a village of birdhouses and I spent the weekend drawing up the different buildings. Yesterday I finished some trees and to add a few final touches like little birdies...and we'll be ready to begin stitching!
I'm going to write the instructions and fabric requirements up and this will be on Craftsy before you know it! (Hoping to get it all done by the 10th of October...or before).
The collage is shown as a redwork but it could also be multi-colored. 
I'm already in love with this quilt...and can't wait to get started.
But first, I have three crazy quilt blocks to finish up stitching on.
What do you think? Is this a quilt you'd like to do?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Free Monograms

Yesterday, I managed to finish all of the letters for the daisy monograms I've been posting. And, instead of continuing to post them as I stitch (cause who knows how long THAT will take) I've decided to create a pattern...and uploaded it to my Craftsy site (search for Shawkl).
And, the great news is (besides the fact that you don't have to wait any longer for me to stitch these)  that I have made the pattern FREE. So, jump on over and download it!
As time goes on, and I get to stitch some more of these...I'll still of course post copies of my version.
And, if you'd allow me...I'd love to post your version too...just send me a photo.
Hugs, hope you enjoy the pattern!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Cabochons completed...

It took a week longer than I had thought...but the group of Czech glass buttons I pulled to bead as cabochons did get finished! Yeah!
Here are some closeups for you.

If you'd like to learn how to bead these cabochones yourself (it's not difficult, just takes time)...the class instructions are still available at Patternspot ($6 for the entire 3-part course). 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

More Painted Lace

Textile Color by Jacquard comes in many, many colors...all are bright. No bright (IMHO) for lace, however they also have white and, all colors can be "adjusted" to soften with use of the white.
I ordered a little sampler of the came all in one little grouping of bottles. A drop of color and a couple of drops of white...mix together...and have fun.
These are some of the pieces of lace that I played with. I generally liked the look, and the lace is not stiff. Will do more of this. Wondering how it would look on white lace?
So, if you want to play around...get the little package with multiple colors, and try it out!

You might have some fun too!

Here's the link to the kit on Amazon, so you can see what it looks like.


Saturday, September 14, 2013

75% of loads of video classes, fabric, and more!

Woo Hoo!
Craftsy Saleabration: Up to 75% Off All Courses, Fabric and Yarn!  (click here)
Hurry on over to Craftsy! Why?
Because 14-21 September...all video courses and supplies on Craftsy are on sale up to 75% off! This includes classes, fabric, and yarn. 

If you aren’t one of the 2 million members currently experiencing everything that Craftsy has to offer, here is what you are missing:
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But, you don’t have to take my word for it! Take advantage of the Craftsy sale to try one of their classes, starting at $9.99. The sale begins on Saturday, September 14th and runs through Saturday, September 21st ... don't miss out!
There is a cake decorating class that I've been now is the time! 
Oh, or maybe that chocolate candy making class!
Of course, there are loads of quilting classes too...oh, many classes and so little time!
Oh wait, I can download and watch anytime! Woo Hoo...outa here!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Nicki's Mermaid Block

Isn't this a pretty block! Well, it is not mine...although I did help stitch on it. The block belongs to NickiLee (lucky gal!) and was worked on by several pals over on the HGTV Message Board group. It's been in the works for many, many months...but is finally back home and looking gorgeous.
Want to see some closeups? Of course you do!
You might recognize the two beaded mermaids (left and right sides of the block)...
as those are my own contribution to the block...and you've seen them before.
 Did you notice the beaded cabochon? Really, it's a beaded...chandelier crystal.
The silkies have been painted by Carolyn, she did the center one too.
I don't know why these photos are flipping sideways...very annoying.
Here are some more closeups of the block for you to enjoy.

Pretty huh? Yep, I agree!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Daisy Monogram - D

There has not been much time to stitch lately, so there is no example of what to do with the letter D. However, if I keep waiting to post this design until I get it could be weeks, or even months. So, here is the design...and the layout.
If you need ideas on stitching...go back a few posts and check out the ideas for letters A, B, or C.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Celtic Knot Quilt Pattern is completed! Finally!

When I was living in south Alabama, I purchased a little self-published booklet (26 pages) with seven different knot style quilts in it. Frankly, most of them were ho-hum to me...but one, the first one in the booklet, really caught my attention. 
It was a knot design featuring two colors and I hurriedly make a version for my daughter. Then, I taught a class on creating the quilt for a couple of years at a local quilt shop. The students wanted more than two colors of, I redesigned the entire quilt to make the ribbon 3-colors. All of the sizes of the pieces changed and I used my Excel spreadsheets to teach by.
Now, after many starts and stops over the has been 15 years of teaching the design...but I finally have the pattern completely sketched and into Illustrator...then into Publisher...and finally into a PDF download pattern, available today to the public! It has been a really long time in the works! If you want to give this quilt a try...the pattern is $9.80 on Craftsy (Shawkl) or on Etsy (Shawkl).
The pattern is 34 pages long...but don't be afraid of that. It's not difficult, but every step of the way is a photo of adding that next pattern you can't go astray if you just follow along page by page. It just took a lot of pages to show EVERY step!
To test the pattern, I asked several of my friends over on the HGTV message board to try out the pattern and help me work out any "bugs" in the pattern itself. You can ask them if they found it difficult...but all finished in record I think it was pretty easy.
Here are some photos of their versions so you see different ideas for color combinations. 
Huge, huge THANKS to all of these lovely ladies for their invaluable help!
Carol Anderson (Needlecrazy)
 Patricia Borg (Kentucky Sunshine
Angela Nohe (Angela C.)
 Leoann McCann (Irish Quilt Lass)
 Sharon Shields (Ssharon334)
Dee Tackett (Quilting Bug)
The quilt fits a full or queen size bed and is extra long because a pillow topper is included in the design which allows the quilt to fold under/over the pillows and the knot design to remain in full view on the bed center. The size by the pattern is 73 x 94, you could change that by adjusting the width/length of the top section and side/bottom borders too.
I hope you'll go check out the pattern as it has been a long journey, but one I have enjoyed traveling...and I absolutely guarantee that you will love piecing this quilt. There is a lot of cutting...but it's only strips, squares, and triangles! So, if you can create a log can create this quilt. Seriously, I would not lead you astray!
I've included some "page shot" photos here so you can hopefully see how detailed (and easy) the pattern is to follow. Everything is guessing. All you need do is read and follow along.
Please help me spread the word to all of your quilting friends too. 
Oh, I'm so excited...this has been a long, long time coming!