Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Celtic Knot Quilt Pattern is completed! Finally!

When I was living in south Alabama, I purchased a little self-published booklet (26 pages) with seven different knot style quilts in it. Frankly, most of them were ho-hum to me...but one, the first one in the booklet, really caught my attention. 
It was a knot design featuring two colors and I hurriedly make a version for my daughter. Then, I taught a class on creating the quilt for a couple of years at a local quilt shop. The students wanted more than two colors of fabric...so, I redesigned the entire quilt to make the ribbon 3-colors. All of the sizes of the pieces changed and I used my Excel spreadsheets to teach by.
Now, after many starts and stops over the years...it has been 15 years of teaching the design...but I finally have the pattern completely sketched and into Illustrator...then into Publisher...and finally into a PDF download pattern, available today to the public! It has been a really long time in the works! If you want to give this quilt a try...the pattern is $9.80 on Craftsy (Shawkl) or on Etsy (Shawkl).
The pattern is 34 pages long...but don't be afraid of that. It's not difficult, but every step of the way is a photo of adding that next pattern piece...so you can't go astray if you just follow along page by page. It just took a lot of pages to show EVERY step!
To test the pattern, I asked several of my friends over on the HGTV message board to try out the pattern and help me work out any "bugs" in the pattern itself. You can ask them if they found it difficult...but all finished in record time...so I think it was pretty easy.
Here are some photos of their versions so you see different ideas for color combinations. 
Huge, huge THANKS to all of these lovely ladies for their invaluable help!
Carol Anderson (Needlecrazy)
 Patricia Borg (Kentucky Sunshine
Angela Nohe (Angela C.)
 Leoann McCann (Irish Quilt Lass)
 Sharon Shields (Ssharon334)
Dee Tackett (Quilting Bug)
The quilt fits a full or queen size bed and is extra long because a pillow topper is included in the design which allows the quilt to fold under/over the pillows and the knot design to remain in full view on the bed center. The size by the pattern is 73 x 94, you could change that by adjusting the width/length of the top section and side/bottom borders too.
I hope you'll go check out the pattern as it has been a long journey, but one I have enjoyed traveling...and I absolutely guarantee that you will love piecing this quilt. There is a lot of cutting...but it's only strips, squares, and rectangles...no triangles! So, if you can create a log cabin...you can create this quilt. Seriously, I would not lead you astray!
I've included some "page shot" photos here so you can hopefully see how detailed (and easy) the pattern is to follow. Everything is shown...no guessing. All you need do is read and follow along.
Please help me spread the word to all of your quilting friends too. 
Oh, I'm so excited...this has been a long, long time coming!


Thearica said...

Congratulations kathy!

margaret said...

good job done here, far beyond me at the moment though

Simone de Klerk said...

Thank you for sharing. Think I will have to make this quilt!