Make Your Own Hoop

Making a hoop or tension frame for crazy quilt blocks is easy. So easy, you might want to make several different sizes.

You can assemble and dis-assemble these fast...and even save some money by using the same "joints" but change out only the lengths of pipe for the frame.

I like a laptop or table top model...but you can also just use "free" and hold the hoop. For this model, you need far fewer parts.

Here are the instructions and parts list document to download, it is a pdf file.

You will also need some standard garden clamps. I get mine on Amazon but they are available at larger garden centers too. (if this link breaks...just search for "garden clamp pvc 4 inch".

These hoops/frames are very tight and I've used mine even for standard single-layer fabric for standard embroidery work.

Since creating this first size...I have expanded my own supply of "pipe" to make many different sizes. Some small, some rectangle, some larger...all you need is more pipe! :)

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