Friday, September 13, 2013

Nicki's Mermaid Block

Isn't this a pretty block! Well, it is not mine...although I did help stitch on it. The block belongs to NickiLee (lucky gal!) and was worked on by several pals over on the HGTV Message Board group. It's been in the works for many, many months...but is finally back home and looking gorgeous.
Want to see some closeups? Of course you do!
You might recognize the two beaded mermaids (left and right sides of the block)...
as those are my own contribution to the block...and you've seen them before.
 Did you notice the beaded cabochon? Really, it's a beaded...chandelier crystal.
The silkies have been painted by Carolyn, she did the center one too.
I don't know why these photos are flipping sideways...very annoying.
Here are some more closeups of the block for you to enjoy.

Pretty huh? Yep, I agree!
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